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Phil Wrzesinski
Retailer, Author, Public Speaker, Teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Father & Husband
Retailer, Author, Public Speaker, Teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Father & Husband

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This Blog is Moving, Will You Move With Me?
This will be the final blog I do at . I have moved everything over to my new website - .  The only people who will see this post are those of you who subscribed via feedburner on this blog page. That means you... I ...

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Newly Redesigned Website
I told you I was working on a new version of my website. It just went live a few minutes ago. Everything is up and running except this blog (which should be migrated over by late Thursday) . In an effort to make it more search engine friendly...

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Two New Social Media Platforms and How You Could Use Them
Video is HUGE. Go look at your news feed in Facebook and count what percentage of posts are videos. Pretty high, isn't it? If you aren't using videos - Vine, YouTube, iPhone videos loaded to Facebook, etc. - then you might not be reaching all the people you...

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Preparing Your Staff for Life
One of my talented regulars on my staff just put in her two-week notice. She is leaving me for a new full-time job teaching art. JUST A JOB (?) As much as I love my job and my business and the difference we make in other peoples' lives, I know where Retail ...

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Free or Gift With Purchase?
You just got some free merchandise from one of your favorite vendors. It was a low cost item that you didn't sell anyway. You want to give them away to your customers. Do you give them away free, no strings attached, or do you only give them away free with ...

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Mrs. Hinkley Brought Me Doughnuts
I was unloading our delivery van when a car pulled up to side of the store. A window rolled down and a familiar face said, "Hey Phil, I brought you a little something." It wasn't a "little something" . It was Hinkley Doughnuts!! The number one rated doughnu...

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Media Versus Network?
Social media is where it is at! Social media is DEAD! Social media is FREE! Social media has NO ROI! Businesses are expanding because of social media! Businesses are wasting their money on social media! SOCIAL MEDIA, social media, social media , BLAH blah b...

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The Ideal Employee
I was digging through some old staff newsletters and came across this article. At one of our staff trainings I asked the staff to create what they called The Ideal Employee... THE IDEAL EMPLOYEE (reprinted from the August 2002 Team News) Here is the composi...

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Three Questions That Have All the Answers
(Note: I submitted this to Wizard Academy for a project where they asked business leaders what our two to three secrets are that have helped us succeed. My three secrets are these three questions...) I have been told that I have an uncanny knack for taking ...

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What I've Been Working On
Here's what I've been working on (and why I haven't posted in a while)... NEW WEBSITE FOR TOY HOUSE Our old website wasn't mobile-friendly and needed a few upgrades to make it responsive to different platforms (computers, phones a...
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