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My self :)
My self :)

Hi, I will ask there for some help.
I am trying to create own FreeBSD customised installation ISO media (custom kernel and so on). I have modified /usr/make.conf /usr/src.conf and configuration file for custom kernel.
Then I do make buildworld and buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL. Next, I was trying on /usr/src/release make cdrom.
There is my problem - this fails because GENERIC kernel was not found. I dont found appropriate argument for specifying own kernel name. Or how can be this solved?
Thank you!

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Hi, I would ask for advice please. How can I make one part of my website displayed in a modal window? The part will be specified with URL pattern - for example /gallery/*. I try colorbox node, but there are some limitations. When visitor is browsing my site and clicks on some link pointings to specified part, I need automatically open this page in a modal window. Next, when user opens another page, but in the same part (still in gallery) the new pages should be displayed in this same modal window. But when user clicks on link that point to rest of my website, modal window should be closed and the content should be displayed normally.

I hope I described my problem correctly.

Thank you all!

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Hi, I am newbie with FreeBSD, but I am using linux for several years. I try to compile FreeBSD kernel (version 9.1) with Hyper-V drivers. I found this website:, respectively this guide for FreeBSD version 8.2 I found there a git repo for FreeBSD version 9.2 But this repo contains only Hyper-V drivers (not complete kernel sources). I dont know how can I compile this drivers, respective how to join with FreeBSD original kernel sources. Thanks for all for help me! Tomas, Czech rep 
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