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Foodie, musicaholic, podcast addict


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This article appeared on Swarajyamag a couple of days back. Jaideep Mazumdar goes on to make wild claims about Shaheed Hussayn Suhrawardy that have little basis in fact, BUT, had he done some basic research, he would have realised that Suhrawardy Avenue is NOT named after Shaheed Hussayn Suhrawardy of the Muslim League, but after Sir Hassan Suhrawardy, VC of Calcutta University.

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Basu Bati in Bagbazar is one of Calcutta's most unique architectural showpieces and also one of its least documented. It is the greatest achievement in the career of Nilmani Mitra, the first Bengali civil engineer. You may know it as the house where Srijeet Mukherjee's "Baishey Srabon" was shot. But how much do you really know? Find out in this week's post...

#calcutta   #kolkata   #architecture   #heritage   #basu  

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Built in 1926, gutted in a fire in 1998 and re-emerging like a phoenix in 2013, Inchcape House, the former headquarters of MAckinnon Mackenzie & Co., is one of the most prominent buildings on Calcutta's riverfront. And behind it lies a story of Scottish ingenuity and business acumen.

For your reading pleasure, the story of Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co., this week on the blog...

#Calcutta #Kolkata #heritage #scotland #shipping #diamondgroup

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For your Sunday reading pleasure.

On 6th May, 1856, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the last king of Oudh, landed in Calcutta. The British had dethroned him but here by the Ganges, he would build a new Kingdom, a mimic Lucknow. 130 years after his death, how much of Wajid Ali Shah's "little Lucknow" survives in Calcutta's Garden Reach? The Concrete Paparazzi explores.

#calcutta   #kolkata   #gardenreach   #metiabruz   #wajidalishah   #oudh   #islam   #shiaislam   #lucknow   #incredibleindia   #beautifulbengal  

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What draws young couples to this temple in Baruipur? And what tragedy led to its being built? On Valentine's Day, a unique story from the Concrete Paparazzi. West Bengal's only "lovers' temple", Akash-er Kaachhe

#valentine   #valentinesday   #westbengal   #love   #temple   #hinduism  

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240 kilometers away from Calcutta, in the middle of a park, in an industrial town, giant, mysterious stone temples! But who built them? When were they built? And what do they tell us about our history? I explore the Begunia temples complex of Barakar this week...

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They have been all but erased from memory. Muslim, Jewish and even Hindu cemeteries all over Calcutta that have been cleared, built on or encroached upon. But some traces still remain. I dig into Calcutta's past this week, and bring you stories of cemeteries that have vanished.

#calcutta #kolkata #cemetery #graveyard

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The new year begins with a new post from The Concrete Paparazzi. Hiding in the Hooghly district, is the most unique terracotta temple in all of Bengal. Neglected and forgotten, but still stunning, Bali-Dewangunj shows to what heights Bengal's artisans had taken the art of terracotta. 2.5 hours away from Calcutta and perfect for a day trip...

#bengal   #temple   #hinduism   #terracotta  

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Everyone who has seen 3 Idiots remembers the lake at the end of the movie, where Phunsuk Wangdu's friends finally find him. That lake is Pangong Tso, in Ladakh. Like millions of other fans, I went there to find out if it was as beautiful in reality as it was on screen. Here is what I found...

#ladakh #incredibleindia #3idiots #bollywood #aamirkhan #pangong

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In part 5 of the Ladakh Travelogue, the Concrete Paparazzi takes you inside Hemis Monastery for a one-of-a-kind encounter and shows you why the most hyped festival in the Himalayas may not be worth it.

#incredibleindia   #ladakh   #buddhism   #hemismonastery   #hemisfestival   #hemis  
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