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Bob Richards
This life is based on a true story ...
This life is based on a true story ...


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I've seen this floating around, and thought I would add a line to the bottom. 

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My contribution to society today.

Question thrown out to the Nexus 5 owners out there. I've grown comfortable using Hangouts as the main app to handle texts through AT&T, but ran into an issue tonight. My AT&T plan covers texts to Puerto Rico, but when I try to send a text through Hangouts, it says you can only text US and Canada. Do I need to download the AT&T messaging app to be able to text outside the US mainland and Canada ?

Anyone have experience dealing with ASUS on a Nexus 7 warranty issue? In general, how was the experience? Good, bad, worst ever? I'm not sure if it is just me, but I've never had an experience like the one I'm going through. Into the second month since starting the process. One ASUS chat rep has even called another ASUS customer rep dealing with my RMA "incompetent". It is totally bizarre.

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I'm sorry, but I don't say this very often about seemingly smart and successful people. But ... what an idiot.

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The objects of my cinematic affection from 2014.

Guess what happened three days after the end of my 1 year warranty on my Nexus 7? Auto-rotate stopped working. Restart would reorient the screen to portrait, but the only way my Nexus 7 2013 (Lollipop 5.0.1) would flip to landscape was if an app forced it into landscape. Then it took a restart to get it back to portrait.

Researched online and started with downloading "Check My Android" app from the Play Store. ran the sensor diagnostic and found out sensors 1,5, and 7 were not functioning. This includes the accelerometer that reorients the screen. All indications were a hardware issue, out of warranty. I had seen the video of cracking open the back and placing a shim or tape over the ribbon cable, but decided to try everything I could before cracking open the back. And I found something simple that worked for me, and led me to believe this may not be a hardware issue at all.

The process that worked for me ... 1) Go into settings under Accessibility, and turn off auto-rotate, 2) Power down and restart your Nexus, 3) go back into settings under Accessibility, and turn auto-rotate back on. Magically, it is back to normal. I even immediately ran my sensor diagnostics and sensors 1, 5, and 7 are all back online.

Hope it prevents someone else from cracking open their Nexus too.

Looks like the final Rambo movie is being made, and it will be called "Last Blood". It might be too much to hope for a bit of realism in the final movie, but I was holding out for "Rambo: Blood in my Urine", where Rambo takes on his most determined foe to date -- his own prostate.

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+Ambra Vanderpool gives the best birthday presents! <3 <3
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