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hey guys. my n7100 is not really snappy. using latest rom with integrated kernel. app starts sometimes take a few seconds and all in all it feels slow. :( any suggestions for another kernel/settings for governer io scheduler etc? much appreciated.

Anyone know if there's a new cam fix. I often have the can't connect to camera error. Also sometimes location is still active when exiting/crashing cam draining battery a lot. 

Hey guys. Hello to everybody.

Having had a lot of fc of android keyboard aosp and g+ after the last OTA on n7100 I flashed the new gapps from 23rd Jan. now everything is golden. Thanks. 

Idea or question. Integrate led flash notification or does anyone know an app that works with this beloved rom and phone? Cheers, +tilak sidduram

How can I disable halo again? Cheers. 

Hey guys. My screen often turns on by itself. Drains my battery. Was there a setting for turning it on when taking it out of the pocket? Happens also when it lies on the table. Ideas? Thanks. 
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