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Nyan pasu!
Nyan pasu!
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Anime summer cour coming up!

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Finished my Playstation 3 controller art. Now available in 16K resolution!

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wtf is this mouse, a tank?!

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HatoCatch! Pretty Coore!

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Wonderful visual novel. Read it.

I finished editing the original image for use as a phone background:

Here comes the end of another semester, the 3rd semester for me. I regret transferring to a university for Computer Science. If I had a redo in life, it would either be to stop after community college, or go to a specialized school for CS [I might have gone for the cheaper].

Instruction quality in university has been piss poor; so poor, I've been face palming more, recently. I figured I just got unlucky & took professors who are bad at explaining, but it's been this way for every single prof. I had so far. I'm only hanging on to these classes because I already know most of what they are talking about, thanks to the excellent teaching of community college professor, +Tom Murphy  [thanks Tom]. Some classmates I talk to are not as lucky as me though [hope your redo goes well].

So far, my favorite class in university has been a Mythology class. That’s saying a lot, since my reading level is shit. I was actually enthusiastic about that class. The mythology professor was great at teaching & planning the lesson plan. CS department could learn a few dozen teaching techniques from her.

What the hell are we paying money for?

Whatever the feelings, I'll keep on going until I fly or sink. Hopefully the instruction quality will be higher for later generations of Computer Scientists.

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