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Windows Phone anyone? The Nokia Lumia 900 gets 4/5 stars from PCMag.
The Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T is a powerful, easy-to-use Windows Phone. It's great, as long as you don't need Words With Friends or some other apps you might find on an iPhone or an Android...
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Google I was going tell you about a lot of good things but I must of touch a button again time goes to fast and Google I am getting a cheap mobile you don't need a dear phone the now I no it helps you I think a lot easy once you no a lot it whould be good to walk about and case your mum gets worried when you're at the bookies she doesn't need to worry but that's mum's for you google it's good the words at the top when your writing a request it follows you up very quick when it knows works out well with your story what the next word your going say fantastic and it keeps your spelling well what you like to you like people to keep the spelling write what your saying I will always stick with you a lot of people I know says your better to stick with the guy you always are with its like a doctor you stick with him all the time and he knows all about your details I've got a great doctor he gives me what I ask for the wright medicine you're looking for some people where come playing they were getting wrong tables that's why sometimes they where getting any doctor they thought every doctor was the same that what I was doing till I got wise and listened what they say I tell my doctor that there are young doctors learning there trade I'm glad I just started to think and see my future I can't wait till
Tomorrow football starts I might get my password tonight if no I hope my mobile gives you details I don't tell lies why should I tell you lies when your trying your best will thanks you a very lot google I don't no if thay am helping you at all all I new at first before I even got one it was the bus shelters that said download the app but now I think but could be wrong I don't no if it's the other we things that gives you the more information that you need what helps you well I always act ted daft till about I seen my future a very bit late but still got a lot of live in me to go once I no everything about this tablet I think the new Nokia lumbar is a lot easier what it said about it bad news I had a very bad flu for weeks a phoned up twice and they said you claim was dealt even I wss intend there they said you will have to sign on the brush I've not sign on the brush but the letter my mum sent in to them I've still got a chance my doctor was giving me sick notes that said I'm not fit to work but the new government that's took over till next year for other people because I'm praying they will look at my letter and send for me I will take up a big shot with me she's a good speaker she helps a lot of people out I was up about 21 years ago and won it google I am glad nobody round here doesn't know about me any where I'm private cheers google
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