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Twelve Days To Go!
There are less than two
weeks to go. Two weeks until the seventh FIFA Women's World Cup kicks
off in Edmonton. Two weeks weeks until I convert myself into a
nocturnal creature whilst still trying to do my day job. Two more
weeks of squad announcements, frie...
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One Last Ramble.
I do not want to write this post...but
in many ways I need to. I need to get it out of me, so I can somehow
begin to re-assess my involvement with this league and this sport,
but also because someone somewhere needs
to start ringing the alarm bells at what ...
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Fin de Regime? Short Ramble on Turbine's Troubles.
It had gone quiet long before the final
whistle that brought to an end a game that was as a cold damp and
unpleasant as the weather the fans endured watching it. In a season
of awful to wretched performances, this was the nadir – a lucky 1-0
victory thanks ...
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A Ramble on France's Two Game League.
was a huge weekend for women's football. The
top two winter leagues, Germany's Bundesliga and France's Division 1
Feminine both offered up huge, tasty, juicy, must-see games. The kind
of games fans look forward to and ring on their calenders weeks if
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2014 Buffy Summers Award
2014 is history now, and yet I am not
quite finished with it just yet. While we all await with baited
breath (and a healthy dose of scepticism) the results of FIFA's own
Big-Bash-Award ceremony, there is a little matter still left over
from this blog too......
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My Rambling Notes on WoSo Year 2014
The weather outside is....well cold, damp and horrible, but as I'm tucked up warm and happy at my parent's home I thought it was time to post a few thoughts on the footballing year of 2014 now that it's, as far as WoSo is concerned, pretty much wrapped up. ...
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England vs Germany: A rambling reflection...
History was made on Sunday, of that
there is no doubt. The English women's football team made their début at the rebuilt Wembley and
forty-five thousand braved the atrocious weather to come and support
them, a record for the England team. I was there too, a...
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It's Time To Get Real!
today's result in the FBL I think it's time for Turbine Potsdam, its
fans and the fans of the Frauen-Bundesliga in general to stop fooling
themselves and see the situation more realistically. Turbine
is not part of some mythical
“Big Four” in the leag...
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Six Rounds Down in the AFBL
Six rounds of the 2014-15 Allianz
Frauen-Bundesliga have been completed and, despite some misleading
results and a few red herrings (plus an alarming series of results in
Duisburg), a pattern is beginning slowly to emerge about who may or
may not take away ...
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The Night of the Calculators!
The final batch of
UEFA Women's World Cup qualifiers is upon us this Wednesday and after
a long, predictable and at ties somewhat dour year of football,
finally we have a wee bit to get excited or nervous about. The fact that the
Qualification competition i...
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