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Too bad I can't afford this option; probably you can't, either, but:

"$10,000 +
{ART-SITTING & DINNER with AFP} i've never tried this before, but i'm hella excited to do it. if you're not the party type and just want to do something quiet & one-on-one, i'd like to paint/render you on big canvas format over the course of an afternoon/evening. we'll get together in a space that makes sense & i'll draw you from life, naked or clothed. if you're too ego-paranoid to sit, we can get together and fingerpaint while listening to very loud cathartic music, and perhaps engage in some primal screaming. then we EAT! WE DRINK! the whole shebang should take about 4-5 hours....and we can split the time up however you want. i will bring my ukulele if you want serenading. i'll help you get the art framed and shipped home if we're not doing it in your local area. backers will also receive any/all of the following upon request: signed copy of "The Bed Song" book/a signed copy of the art book/backer-edition of the album on vinyl or CD/the 7" vinyl series/a digital download & (yep) a thank-you card. contact for more info on this one. PLEASE NOTE: Estimated delivery is September for deliverables ONLY. Please plan on scheduling your day with AFP at some point between the next 12-18 months."
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