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Matt Ruhstaller
Look out honey, cause I'm using technology.
Look out honey, cause I'm using technology.

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I've just deleted my Yahoo account, you should too.

1. Open your browser and input "" at address bar to visit Yahoo Mail.
2.Sign in to to your email account as usual.
3. Then the webpage will jump to "Terminating your Yahoo! Account" page.
4. Enter the weird captcha, and remember a time when Yahoo were the good guys on the web. This is deeply troubling, and openly hostile to freedom on the internet.

EDIT: If Yahoo was a backup account for account recovery for anything, remember to update that as well.

I wish I had something inspired to say about the events in Orlando. I don't. It's just senseless, devastating and embarrassing for this to happen in the US. My thoughts are with all who have been affected by this terrible act.

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"In the United States, the 2012 Presidential election and the 2014 Congressional elections were ranked worst of any long-established democracy, especially on campaign finance and electoral registration," the report's authors concluded.


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This (among many other reasons) makes me very happy to be a customer of If you can, vote with your wallet and switch. You wont regret it.  

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Interesting breakthrough! Everything old is new again.

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Very insightful. I had no idea the guy running Android was a fellow buccaneer scholar. I'm biased to liking these kinds of stories since they echo my own journey, but even without that, his thoughts on learning are enlightening. 

PSA:  The IRS doesn't call and leave threatening messages, scammers do.  I just got one of these calls, so do what I did:  hang up, and block the caller.

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Perfection.  Hell of an achievement, +SpaceX!!!  You've moved humanity forward today!

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This is an issue of patriotism, plain and simple. Making progress to ensure the rich aren't stealing from the poor should be a top priority in this country (along with reducing the role of money in government). There's a massive opportunity for good here. 

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Iceland really seems to have its shit together when it comes to dealing with corruption. Really impressive. 
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