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Right! People seem talk too much about the crisis today. Just go back to work

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The circles now can ben dragged and dropped. How cool!
Hey there, I'm Brett, and I'm an engineer here on the Google+ Circles team. We’ve
been hearing that you want a way to reorder your circles -- so when
you add people, view your stream, or share, that list of circles is in
the order that works for you. We thought it was a great idea, and today, we’re launching this on Google+.

Let me show you how it works. Go over to the Circles tab and down to your circles. Now you can move your circles wherever you want, just by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Plus, that order will now show up everywhere across Google+, even in the dropdown menu when you add people to circles.

I hope you like it. And as always, please keep letting us know what we
can do to make Google+ better for you.

Brett van Zuiden

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First post with Google plus. Thanks to bro Ha for invinting :)
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