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We moved into the Bioshelter 10 years ago and role
modeled a different kind of western living.   We learned so much, but we also realize it’s not enough.  Curt and I are really taking a hard look at retirement. How do we reshape a system?    It’s so much ea...

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Reflections on my Biome
  I’m so confused about my biome.   I can’t understand it.   Where are the boundaries?   It reminds me of OUR TOWN, the play.   Here’s the quote I’m remembering from
it.   I never told you about that letter Jane
Crofut got from her minister when she was sic...

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The Largest Community Garden in the US.
Largest Community Garden in the US The
Shiloh Field Community Garden just happens to be in Denton, TX where my son
and his family are living.   Today we
toured it (11/23/16) and talked to the founder, Gene Gumfory. This garden has been open
for seven years ...

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It's time to take a permaculture course.

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I love touring people through the bioshelter!  Every Thursday this summer folks come out and I get to tell them about how we live lightly on the planet.  This last Thursday a gentleman toured and at the end, even though his eyes were glassing over with so m...

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1st Rammed Earth Home Being Built in Butte
I was lucky enough to attend a tour of
the first rammed earth house being built in Butte!   It’s an amazing, albeit expensive way to
build a house!   According to the
architect on the project, if you were to simply build a stick-built house with
12 inches o...

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Homemade Earth Box
Homemade Earth Box Tutorial!  Last summer I had great success with greenbeans in the greenhouse, which were planted in my homemade, self-watering Earth Boxes and I only had to water them twice a month. This is how I did it.  I had a 14 gallon tub left over ...

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At the end of  June we are hosting an Introduction to Natural Plaster Workshop here at the Bioshelter. I realize that I really know almost nothing about Natural Plasters. But Sasha, our instructor, is so enthusiastic, she assured me that she could teach 2...

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So true.
forward this to your crazy Tea Party friends.

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We had a great time last weekend at the StrawClay Workshop.  If you would like to participate this coming Sat. let me know.
We had a great time at the Straw Clay Workshop last weekend.  If you would like to participate this coming Saturday, let me know.  
2013 StrawClayWorkshop
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