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Heard any #Metal  lately? Here you go-

Human behavior is an interesting study in learning what people are actually doing and what is actually happening. If you observe human behavior without expectations of what you think should and shouldn't be happening, you will begin to notice consistencies and inconsistencies that are disturbing at best and wrong, at worst. There is a big difference between how things should be and how things actually are. There is a big difference between operating under the concept of a clear difference between right and wrong and operating under the "hammer and nail" principle. Once you realize how most people operator, you have to develop coping mechanisms for how YOU operate. That is the biggest challenge of all. 

Happy Saturday. Relaxing and watching movies. CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE FIRST AVENGER. 

TGIF and happy  #FF  to All. 6:27am. Time to pick up an 8 string guitar and practice...

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Let the 8 string madness begin. Say hello to JANA (pronounced, "YANA"). My new Schecter Damian Elite 8. Looks like I'm settled on EMG as my pickup of choice on both 7 and 8 string.

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I've got two new singles in my back pocket. One has vocals. The other is an instrumental. Quite happy with both of them. That will do it for now until I get the 8 string and begin the next phase of my evolution as a guitarist. Original catalog getting ever so close to the 70 song number...

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You can get the new DARK BLU EP by clicking on the first link on my website here:

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Hit my Facebook Band site and click on my Music Store to get the new DARK BLU EP- "ALONE IN THE DARK". It's time for DARK BLU to rock your world! \m/ (-_-) \m/

After three days of working from home this week, thanks to SNOWMAGEDDON, I'm going into the office tomorrow. The snow melted and I am stir crazy!!
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