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Jen Marie Robustelli
I get my best ideas when I'm moving too fast to write them down.
I get my best ideas when I'm moving too fast to write them down.

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So exciting!
Schoology announces contract with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the country's second-largest public school district | PRNewswire: #edtech #laedtech

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#sxswedu  vote now!
Interested in hearing Schoology's CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Friedman speak at SXSWedu on how to personalize today's classrooms? Get your vote in before September 4th:

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This is great! Thanks +Dana Lee Ling! cc +Schoology  

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Read this, and not just because there's a picture of me in the post.
I think +Chris Aviles captures so many of the challenges and triumphs of teaching today.
"I learned EdTech is another weapon in a teacher’s arsenal used to reach every student as they fight the war on apathy."
+Chris Aviles  (aka Teched Up Teacher)

Read what made this year Chris' best year in teaching yet:

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I tried my hand at being a Schoology-themed Martha Stewart and refreshed my worn screen wipe. It's a good thing! 

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Appreciate when teachers take time to share why they love using #Schoology. Thanks +Ryne Anthony, we love this! 
It's Friday and we're tired, so we thought we'd put on a video today. Here's an awesome one we found from Ryne, a science teacher in PA who is using Schoology to power 1:1 iPads for flipped and differentiated learning. Thanks, Ryne!

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Jen Marie Robustelli commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks for the +Schoology mention - can't wait to read more!

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So excited to announce +Jennifer Magiera is joining our #NEXT14 Keynote lineup in June! She's a fantastic resource for our user community. 

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Great post. Thanks.
I am at a parents meeting right now. I have been here for two hours. Once again, my faith in education is restored. Reason: there are parents here, who believe that we the teachers are making a significant difference in their children's life. On the other hand, I have been astonished at the positive response  the parents (Traditional Muslim Parents) have had, when I have showed them our use of the Schoology LMS, of the digital products generated by their kids using Keynote, iMovie and other iPad apps. I have showed them that if their kids can't be in school for a day or two they are not necessarily falling behind or missing out on an authentic learning experience. I have shown them where to find their kids' homework and classwork. 
When I have shown them the spelling, punctuation, word and sentence building games that I use in class or that I encourage their children to use for homework practice, awesome smiles of comfort and relief have shone. They know their kids are learning, they know that we are guiding them through the ocean of information that is out there. They know that because we keep them on task on their mobile devices, engaged doing something educational but fun. They  restore my own self worth as they once more make me realize that our purpose and our duty continues to be to guide and protect the world most beloved  assets our children today and leading them towards valuable sources of true knowledge. 
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