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Deploying buildbot workers on Windows Server 2016
At LiveCode, we use a buildbot system to perform our continuous integration and release builds. Recently, we moved from building our Windows binaries in a Linux container using Wine to building on a native Windows system running in an Azure virtual machine...

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How to stop mspdbsrv from breaking your continuous integration system
Over the last month, I've been working on getting the LiveCode build cluster to do Windows builds using Visual Studio 2015. We've been using Visual Studio 2010 since I originally set up the build service in mid-2015. This upgrade was prompted by needing s...

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When C uninitialised variables and misleading whitespace combine
Recently, LiveCode Builder has gained a namespace resolution operator . . It allows LCB modules to declare functions, constants, and variables which have the same name, by providing a way for modules that import them to distinguish between them. During thi...

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Playing with Bus1
David Herrmann and Tom Gundersen have been working on new, performant Linux interprocess communication (IPC) proposals for a few years now. First came their proposed kdbus system, which would have provided a DBus-compatible IPC system, but this didn't actu...

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Japanese Shioyaki-style mackerel
This is a guest post written by Kathryn Grant , who has a knack for picking out exotic yet easy-to-cook recipes! This is a quick version of 鯖の塩焼き ( saba no shioyaki ), or salt-grilled mackerel, served with cucumber pickle and toasted sesame seeds. This rec...

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Beetroot risotto
One of my most popular dishes is beetroot risotto. It's both the recipe that I get asked for most often, and the recipe that people go out of their way to tell me that they enjoyed making. Here's the (quite simple!) recipe so that you can enjoy it too! Th...

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Pan-roast venison haunch with pumpkin risotto
The rather awesome K. and I have been going out for three years! We made a special dinner to celebrate. This recipe, unsurprisingly, serves two. Best accompanied by a nice Pinot Noir! Ingredients For the venison: 12 oz (350 g) venison haunch, in one piece...

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Using C library functions from LiveCode Builder
This blog post is part of an ongoing series about writing LiveCode Builder applications without the LiveCode engine. Currently, the LiveCode Builder (LCB) standard library is fairly minimal. This means that there are some types of task for which you'll wan...

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Roasted vegetable and chickpea tagine
It's been a while since I last posted a recipe here! Recently I've been having quite a lot of success with this Morrocan-inspired vegetarian recipe. This recipe makes 6 portions. Ingredients For the roasted vegetables: 350 new potatoes, halved 1 fennel bul...

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Compiling multi-module LiveCode Builder programs
This blog post is part of an ongoing series about writing LiveCode Builder applications without the LiveCode engine. Multi-module programs When writing a large program, it's often useful to break it down into more than one module. For example, you might wa...
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