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Keith Nemitz
Whittling away at seriousity.
Whittling away at seriousity.

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I finished a beta for the Global Game Jam. "$10 to Destroy the World." You can download it here:

It's a short, interactive fiction. It may be my "get off my lawn" moment. Contains obscenities appropriate to the characters.

 A whole new year's waiting for you, people. Be careful out there. Be good. Be joyous!

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For the last six months, I've been working on a card game. Today was the first time I felt a design for it was worth keeping. It's a good feeling. It's going to be a very cool game. Big business soap opera set in the 1950s.

Hello, I hope a friendly introduction is appropriate for the Discussions thread.  I'm Keith Nemitz. For the last ten and more years, I've been designing and shipping video games often noted for their board game like mechanics.

Recently, I've begun my first table-top game, an LCG inspired by Mad Men, but instead of the 60s, my game will be set in the 50s. I've put about six months into the design so far, and I'm finally at the point where the system supports the big-biz soap opera experience I wanted to achieve. There's still tons of work ahead, mostly playtesting and balancing card ideas, I expect.

Your advice on how to interact appropriately with and support the people here would be greatly appreciated. I'm certainly interested to playtest your games.

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7 Grand Steps is available in a Humble Bundle with some really nice games, right now.

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This article is about negative self-talk—that is, the inner voice that tells you that you're stupid, etc. /// BIG NEWS: This article made the "front page" of The Coffelicious, a collection of blog posts chosen by as "some of the best articles on medium"!

I could use your help keeping it on that page (more popular articles last longer there)—just go to the bottom of the page and click the "heart" icon to vote. Many thanks!

(FYI, you must join to vote on articles—you can read them without joining, though. Medium publishes lots of quality writing, so you can find interesting reading there, and you can publish things there, too!)

Went to the framer's market today. Got a real sweet deal on some articles of confederation.

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New game! "The Hero of Kendrickstone" by Paul Wang, now available on Steam, iOS, and Android. Please reshare this with friends! The more downloads we get in the first week, the higher we'll rank in the App Store. We're also asking our fans to follow us on Steam to show support for interactive fiction on this platform.

Can a wanna-be hero like you rescue the city of Kendrickstone, held hostage by an evil wizard and his troop of black-clad soldiers? Face down fierce foes with spell, sword, or silver tongue. Outwit cunning rivals, cement your fledgling reputation, and maybe, just maybe, make enough money to pay your rent!

“The Hero of Kendrickstone” is an epic 240,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Paul Wang, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Step into the shoes of a fledgling adventurer in a world full of magic and mystery! Master physical combat, magic, stealth, or diplomacy. Choose to befriend–or betray–sorcerers and knights, bandits and baronesses.

Will you spend the last of your silver on a bed for the night, or potions for your next adventure? Will you spend your evenings studying ancient secrets, or prize-fighting for extra coin? Will you seek a mentor to help hone your skills, or strike out on your own? Will you prove to be a paragon of compassion, or a callous mercenary? Will you die forgotten and un-mourned, or will you become the Hero of Kendrickstone?

Buy it today!

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Not sure what to think... feels darn good, though.

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Archery Fu Tai:
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