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Uh huh.
Uh huh.

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UPS just delivered Monica's bday box of chocolates to our office (coffee house). Further evidence that we really can work from anywhere.

Can we just skip Drupal 7 and move right into 8? Or go back to 6 which worked just fine. 7 behaves like a quivering pile of urine.

I'm proposing a new general fund for media that will allow you to legally download and share music and movies. You pay into the fund ($15/month) and a percentage is given to each of the media owners (NAm only?). The percentage is proportional to the amount of titles the media owner has in their catalog. In this way, we get what we want (movies on demand indefinitely), federal agencies can then target only those not paying into the fund, and media owners get paid a set rate.

In English speaking countries where they use the metric system, do they still use the phrase "inching along" when describing something going really slow?

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IDK, but this statement rubs me the wrong way.
"Get over what jerks Netflix have been and stick with them at higher prices."

My new haircut makes me look like Tom Hardy in Inception. At least I don't look like Tom Berenger in Inception.

Go find your shirt!
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