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*Blog moved to*
In an effort to keep things simpler for myself, and minimise the effort involved to create content, I have moved my blog over to using Hugo . My blog now lives at .

I don't really use G+ nowadays. If you want to see updates from me, I'm @yayxw over on Twitter. llgo updates will emerge eventually.

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Our team, Dynamic Tools, is hiring in Munich, Germany.
We need a Linux kernel dev (preferably, but optional; relocation is possible). The position is related to bug finding tools for kernel: KernelAddressSanitizer (, KernelThreadSanitizer (, fuzzers ( You will be finding "interesting" bugs like this one

Besides that our team is working on user-space tools (, mitigation techniques (CFI, SafeStack), etc. We work closely with compiler, kernel, security teams, Java/Go/Android teams.

If you are interested, drop me a email to dvyukov at-you-know-where.
And if you know engineers who might be interested, please forward.

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I am looking to hire Python developers who want to work on Openstack, preferably in the APAC region but I'll consider anywhere for the right candidate. Drop me a message if interested!  (Please share)

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About to begin my 25h journey to Gophercon.

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This is exciting. Particularly that the major browser vendors all appear to be on board, unlike with PNaCl, so it can actually become a non-Chrome-only thing.

Flights booked for GopherCon 2015. Excited!

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That's +Cloudbase Solutions​ on stage presenting to Canonical's juju team their integration of CentOS support in juju. Heavy cheering followed. #diversity

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Nice. I've just preordered K&D.
Go Books

It seems, this year will be very rich for #Go Programming Language books:

1. Go: Up and Running
Authors: Alan Harris
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Available: June 25, 2015

2. Go in Action
Authors: +William Kennedy  with +Brian Ketelsen  and +Erik St. Martin 
Publisher: +Manning Publications 
Available: July 2015 (est.)

3. The Go Programming Language 
Authors: Brian W. Kernighan, Alan Donovan
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Available: August 27, 2015

4. Go Recipes
Authors: +Ian Davis 
Publisher: Apress
Available: Autumn 2015

5. Go in Practice
Authors: Matt Butcher and +Matt Farina 
Publisher: +Manning Publications 
Available: Fall 2015 (est.)
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