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Putting Spam Further Out of Sight

We're always working to make Google+ a great place for quality conversations. In fact, we aggressively detect and remove comment spam before it even appears in the stream (

As a post owner, you could have seen these grayed out comments inline and restored them as appropriate. But today we're making some visual changes that clean up your view of your content:

- Instead of showing moderated comments inline, we'll now group and hide them behind a small indicator just beneath the comment count (see screenshots)
- If you feel like taking a look, then you can. Otherwise you never have to see these comments in your stream.

As always, let us know what you think below, or via the "Send Feeback" button. We're rolling out this feature over the next few days, so check back soon if you don't see it yet.

Thanks to +Saurabh Sharma +Pras Sarkar +Tony Tran and +Dharmesh Mokani for their hard work getting this implemented.
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+Nandini Kappiah Now that's a nice visual and functioning touch!! Good job everyone!

I can't believe I'm actually excited about getting spam right now to see it. lol
Ahhh! the poor spamers! How will they cope... ::Grin:: WTG Google!
terrific to see the communication Nandani,I must say seeing some noted changes isn`t something very common on other sites .
Great idea...I am getting more and more what I don't see won't bother me :) Good job guys
Terrific change. Well thought out and implemented, and MUCH appreciated! Keep up the great work! :)
I know you guys are trying hard- very hard - but surely you can do better than to put a brittany spears post in my stream (under what's hot).

Sorry to complain w/o compliment - you're terrific. There you go. :0)
+Nandini Kappiah, +Saurabh Sharma: looking at the pictures on this post, it looks like you may have become in writing spam contents by now to ensure this feature worked :-)
Good feature and thanks.
I for one, as a former IT Delivery Manager - would like to COMMEND GOOGLE for not 'this' specific functionality - but for this - updating users, asking opinions, release notes, talks,

This is what sets you apart. Run a ship that is open and involved all the crew and passengers, she will always float right
absolut great to see that Google is working on this problem. Giving five + to the Google+ team:)
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