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Onliner, Writer, Roleplayer
Onliner, Writer, Roleplayer

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oO... Hangouts stops delivering SMS. Poor Hangouts.

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Quite interesting!

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Inspiration. :)
Throwback to the 90s ...

The Dael Daemonum. This was a map I drew over Xmas for a little dark fantasy campaign I ran using the Alternity system. The characters died a lot. The problem with Alternity was that it was just too complex to run live.

Anyway, this was a setting of leather-wearing zombies with implanted snicker-snackering blades and leering eyes, out for the latest killing on the whittled wooden toys market.

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Roleplaying session. During a conversation, one of the NPCs drops an information that suddenly connects dots. Many dots. A piece of the puzzle that ties together little things from the whole campaign, right up to the very first session.
The players, collectively: gasp!
The GM: "You know me.. I loove the long game."
#rpg #fearitself

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"The Golden Compass".
My daughter can't understand why only one of Philip Pullman's "Dark Materials" has been made a movie.
"Why doesn't everyone demand they make more? Everyone after they read the books."
"Not everyone has read the books. Actually, not even most people have read them."
"Wh000t? Why not? Everyone should read them!"

She loves the animations of the Dæmons and the Alethiometer, but she's disappointed how many of her favourite scenes have been skipped to shrink the story down to movie length.

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Apocalypse Sword with Crown of Unspeakable Power...
(Please share!)

If you're into playing awesome tabletop RPGs, you should look at this! Think Game of Thrones built on top of the Apocalypse World engine. There's power, intrigue, violence and Unspeakable Power.

Look at those playbooks- YOU CAN PLAY A PRINCESS! Also a torturer. It probably says a thing about me that those two are my faves.

(Ok, yes, I'm getting paid if it funds, so there's def an underlying motivation but I don't see it so much as a conflict of interest as financial enthusiasm.)
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