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I write about injuries.
I write about injuries.

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Will Carroll hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>David Seigerman and Andrew Garda

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I'm really proud of this article. It's not just the kind of thing that I think needs to be out there to help raise the level of discussion, it's that it's precisely the kind of piece people expected me to not be able to do at Bleacher Report. 

Guess what? I can and I did. Just wait until you see what's coming down the line. 

Just finished the new Jack Reacher novel A Wanted Man. Good stuff if you like this sort of thing. Three notes:

1. Ballsy move by Lee Child setting the full first half of the book in a car. It's the equivalent of a TV "bubble episode" but harder than heck to pull off.

2. Child makes Reacher's size a big point of emphasis. This in spite of supporting the decision to have 5'7 Tom Cruise play the 6'5 Reacher in the upcoming movie. 

3. The villain's name is "Peter King." Wonder if Child is an MMQB fan.

Hearing that Greg Jennings is a no-go for tonight's game. Upgrade Jones a bit, think Cedric Benson is likely the real beneficiary. 

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Here's why videocasting is not podcasting. Cant wait for +Jason Salas to opine on this one.

Ativ? Dumb name, but what's this mean? Is Samsung subtly shifting to Windows Phone and leaving the copycat stuff behind? 

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Couple new changes to the FR-S. Can you see what they are?
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Bartolo Colon's 50 game suspension gives MLB a double-punch. We'll see now whether Victor Conte's numbers are remotely on target. (I don't think they are.) Key fact here is that this has NOTHING to do with Colon's elbow surgery from two years back. I'm sure some people will try to connect the two.

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Look at this picture. To me, it doesn't appear that Vick is wearing any sort of rib protection. How can the eagles send him out this way?

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The new car. Simplicity.
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