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Ganita Shastra and Western Mathematics - Swadeshi Indology 2 - IGNCA
I am glad to present the video of the paper I had presented at Swadeshi Indology 2 (SI - II) Conference at Indira Gandhi Centre for National Arts, New Delhi as part of the Global Perceptions of Indian Heritage series, Paper Title: Practice versus Theory: Ga...

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I am a proud Atheist
I am a proud Atheist. When I say this, people are shocked. What do you mean you
are a proud atheist? You do Pujas every day, you do your Sandhya every day, and
you make decidedly pro-Hindu comments, they say. I agree to each of these
statements. So let me e...

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When will God die?
Hindus insist that all creatures are inhenrently divine. Maya causes us to believe that we are less than perfect and Yoga/ Sadhana leads us back to the divine state (over many lives if need be). In other words for most of our lives we are always in the midd...

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Was Jesus an Alien?
I often stay awake at nights contemplating on this serious matter " Was Jesus an Alien? " After detailed study of Bible, Biblical commentaries, paintings and other literature, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ was actually an alien. And I will...

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Why do Bengalis love to slaughter animals eat beef and enjoy violence?
Why do Bengalis love to slaughter, eat beef and enjoy violence? Warning: If anyone plagiarizes this article without proper linkback or attribution, beware. I am a very powerful Brahmin. I will curse that your balls will shrivel or you will become impotent o...

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Yogi Adityanath follows Kautilyan Policy of Clamping Down on Violence
In Kautilya's Arthashastra it is said that there can only be one dada in a country. And that dada is the state itself. The country should have ZERO tolerance for crime and violence. And Adityanath's UP is following that policy of eliminating crime and crimi...

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Bengali Terrorists A Great Threat
Guest Post: Humayun Azizul Hoque Over the last 1200 years Bengalis are slowly becoming terrorists. It is true. Whether it is Rohingya attacking innocent Buddhist people of Myanmar, or Dhaka attacks, or Mughalistan or ISIS, Bengali terrorists are causing lot...

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Rohingya Muslims - India Need to Show Compassion
Masood Khan (Guest Post) Rohingya people historically known as Arakanesh people from Rakhine state in Myanmar. Their community is a juxtaposition of both pre-colonial and colonial settlers. The majority was of them happens to be a Muslim converted by Arab t...

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Crpto-Christians of Kolkata - Introduction
  A far bigger threat than radical Islam in Bengal is the threat of underground Christianity.    I can't say about rest of Kolkata, but in Saltlake I have been noticing for the past 6-8 months, that a HUGE chunk of the economically poor lower caste people h...
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