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Bales - my Mac n' Cheese
Bales has been my mac n' cheese tangle since the beginning of my Zentangle journey. It's similar to the type of doodle I used to do while waiting on a phone call. I love how Bales starts out simply with a grid and then lends itself to lots of embellishments...

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Zingo Deconstructed
Zingo is a fun little tangle that was charmingly demonstrated recently by two very young tanglers on the Zentangle blog. The Diva asked us all to try it out this week so here are my efforts.  I started with the colored one below and while it was fun, I thou...

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Playing with the tangle Amphora this week. A lovely tangle from ZenLilyMoon. If you would like to try it yourself, her step outs can be found  here . It's a lovely tangle that gets more intricate the more you play with it but it isn't hard to do. I started ...

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Waybop is one of the newest tangles from Zentangle. You can get the steps in the Zentangle newsletter from Feb 14th. I was lucky enough to learn it at the CZT get together last November. It's a fun tangle with lots of ways to add your own personal flair. Mo...

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renaissance valentangle
Valentines day dictated a heart design but I just wasn't feeling the pinks and reds this year. So I decided to try more of a vintage feel to my valentangle. I used a renaissance tile and then brown micron for the tangles in the heart. Shading with colored p...

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Hamadox is the monotangle shown here. It is a combination of Paradox and Hamil. The step outs for this tangle are on the webpage of Diana Schrueur and can be found by clicking  here.  I had never tried this one before but I loved the flowing lines.  first s...

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'Drawings' tangle
'Drawings' (pronounced dra-wings) was just the challenge I needed to get me drawing again. I've been blessed with so many family and friends that are helping me deal with my husband's death. My kids check in on me often and keep me involved in the grandkid'...

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Getting ready to post again
It's been over a month since I last posted. Last month life was going on as normal (or as normal as it was for me). I was creating art and taking care of my husband with his health issues. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the whole family at our house. Then ...

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Color Escapes colored pencils
I have a new toy to play with. I blindly ordered the brand new Color Escapes premium colored pencils from Crayola.  I know what you are thinking, "Crayola, that's for kids!" Well, these are definitely a step above the usual school supplies. I used them on t...

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Folded Star
Time to start the ornaments! I can't believe we are into the Holiday season already. It's been rather stressful around my home so I was glad to finally have a chance to sit down to tangle on an ornament. I used the folded star design that fellow CZT Cris Le...
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