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Twisted Corners
Sometimes I get into an artistic funk. I just can't really get going. I've been in this funk for a while now. I surf the web and see all sorts of beautiful work but I haven't been inspired much. Thankfully I have the CZT group to inspire and encourage me. Y...

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new pen play
At a recent gathering of Zentangle fans in Wisconsin I was introduced to a new way to use a pen. It's the Elegant Writer pen and its main use is for calligraphy.  But someone discovered that when the lines are touched with water the ink bleeds in a variety ...

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Twisted rope two ways
Twisted rope is the name that was given to this string. It's a string that is fairly simple but I love what you can do with it. And there are several variations too. You can see the basic string at Margaret Bremer's blog by clicking here.   Here I used it t...

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string thing 195
Adele Bruno has a challenge on her blog for using a particular string and specified tangles. I haven't done many of the challenges lately but this week I got the bug and had to try it out. I was inspired to try out the technique of linking one tangle to ano...

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Moonstripes is what I'm calling this tile. I had one thing in my head when I started but as Zentangle often does, it ended up going in a different direction when I finished.  I started with a black Zentangle tile. I used a Zenstone to do a few quick string ...

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A quick tile I did last night. The diva challenged us to try a tangle named Scallamp that was deconstructed by Sarah Uram. This tangle was new to me. It seems to me to be a tangleation of several other patterns. As I looked at it it reminded me of some type...

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Zendala Swap
One of my favorite things about teaching Zentangle is when we create a mosaic of everyone's tiles. Seeing how everyone did the same tangle patterns but did them in their own way, with their own style, brings home the message that we are all unique in this w...

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Circle Square
I went crazy with ideas for the circle/square string challenge this week. There are many ways I could have varied the sizes of the shapes but I decided to use only a 2"square and 2" circle. I did 3 tiles with  technique variations. All the backgrounds are d...

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Frunky is a new tangle pattern that I started playing with last night. Laura Harms started doing a video chat where she demonstrated it and I tangled along with her. Frunky is a tangle developed by    Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb. It seems to be a combination...

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Noom tangle
Noom is a new tangle pattern that was introduced last November. You can find the instructions by clicking here.   It isn't had to do but really gives a neat illusion when completed. I've been playing with it in it's basic form and then adding curves and col...
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