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Andrew Gaspurr
Nicknames: Andrew, Ziusudra, Menelaos, That Guy :-)
Nicknames: Andrew, Ziusudra, Menelaos, That Guy :-)

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A Change Of Plans
Dear readers, I decided to rewrite this blog and also give it a new event-based structure in order to make my experience and hence my blog entries more coherent with what's going on in the Elite.Dangerous galaxy. Please stay tuned and fly safe! Andrew

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I am the Alpha and the Omega
Where the Lagoon Nebula was already an eyecatcher, I was most eager to find out more about one of the jewels on my 'To Visit' list: The Omega Nebula, also named the Swan Nebula or just Messier 17. In fact, from the Lagoon you can already get your first glim...

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To The Lagoon
I always keep a short list of deep sky objects I intend to visit in the near future. The Lagoon Nebula has always been on it and I was really looking forward to travelling there after my visit to both the Bug and Red Spider Nebulae. Approaching the Lagoon N...

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Bugs and Spiders
So the exploration flotilla left
Shapley 1 yesterday and began its trek towards the next waypoint, the
mighty Lagoon Nebula, also known as Messier 8. What lay before us were
some 1,000 light years and the approach towards the Sagittarius Gap. I
could ha...

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A Tribute To Harlow
Yes, we know today that the Milky Way is a big place full of lights and wonders and that we start each and every exploration trip from a pretty normal, if not outright boring place in the galactic disc. But that was not always so. Back in the 20 th century ...

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Beyond The Abyss
It has been two months to the day that I made port for rest and recreation in Alioth. It's been busy and costly, since I eagerly wanted to upgrad my fuel scoop to a state-of-the-art one after all the time-consuming tanking back in the black. It's not that S...

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Upcoming - Distant Worlds
It has been two months to the day that I made port for rest and recreation in the Bubble that is inhabited space. But the Sea calls me again and I must obey her. Yearningly I turn my eyes towards the Beyond, and it's there I will go with many a friend and d...

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The Lighthouse
'The circle is now complete!' I recall this quote from some entertainment Holovid, can’t remember which, but it was definitely Sci-Fi. Well, I guess the same applies to me and the Pilgrim’s Path. The Perseus Arm is rich in exploratory marvels. It still hold...

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Port Of Call
My fellow adventurers, on November 14th, 3301 AD the AGS Intrepid finally called port at Irkutsk Capitol in the Alliance system of
Alioth. After having been out in the Orion Spur and Perseus Arm for five
and a half months the first session in the station ...

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The End Of The Rainbow
When you think the Eta Carina Nebula is a beautiful gem in space then the Wolf Rayet nebula of NGC 3199 plays in the same league. The nebula was once thought to be a ring nebula with a bright 'front' or 'shockwave' of gas, the result of intense stellar wind...
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