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taufiq sabirin
Never say die!
Never say die!


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Anyone has problem FC with installing certificate?

Report for oneplus one on latest test byuild 20160306: fc when exporting contact as .vcf

Can we select certain profile by tasker?

no new nightly for umts spyder?

i've twice downloaded the new gapps dated 2014-02-25 and 2014-03-02 yet i found it always failed when clean-flashing it after flashing CF. And strangely that the supposedly 2014-03-02 version is still had information on 2014-02-25 and 4.2.2 version. Anyone can help?

I am using CF nightly 2013-02-18 on umts_spyder.

anybody here can help to port unofficial cyanfox for galaxy mega 6.3 i9200/i9205?

Firstly, Thank you CF developers, this is the best custom rom in term of stability and speed!

Secondly, when I click the user switcher on Quick Tile, it is automatically close itself, is it normal or a kind of bug that only I have the problem?

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My first time lapse project taken by Nokia 808 Pureview without post processing.
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