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Infidelity: Why I tell on cheaters.
So, you've found out that you have been a participant in infidelity. Do you speak up or back off?   Before I dive into this tricky situation, I want kiss the ass of my favorite podcast host, LGBT activist, and sex columnist,  Dan Savage .  I'm bringing him ...

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I was Sexually Assaulted by my Rideshare Passenger
                                     My passengers are
always surprised to see me.             I’m almost always
first female driver they’ve had.             We are a rarity, at
only about 19% at Lyft, 15% at Sidecar, and 8% at Uber.             As a new au...

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An Orphan's Thanksgiving
I can't do light and fluffy small talk. Even when I try, the basic questions like "What do you do for a living?" "Where are you from?" and "What is your family like?" open the door for a heavy synopsis on feminism, sexuality, and the corruption of southern ...

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So, you want to write a book?
I'm approached for advice on book writing regularly. Rather than continuing to cycle the same feedback, I thought I'd whip up a quickie blog on the subject. First of all, I'm flattered by anybody coming to me. Thank you for thinking of me as a worthy source...

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Should women be allowed in combat?
I got this message today from a former shipmate this morning. Hi Maggie. I would like to ask your dead to rights honest opinion on something we debate a lot on at work: what's your stance on women in combat roles? I'm only asking because this is a severe po...

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The Tourist Local Mating Dating Strategy
 The Value of Boundaries...  I’d seen him a few times at
last house on my street, shirtless, sweaty, crouched close to the grass, taking
sips from his camelback between intervals of hammering away at the porch he was
building. I’m often tempted to get wine ...

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The Anal Renaissance (Shortened Version)
              “BAAABE… STOOOOP IT!” my boyfriend, Quaint,
shrieked, jumping forward in the grocery isle.               Poking his
ass was my equivalent to him snapping my bra. I was eighteen. Quaint and I had
dated nearly two years. I’d progressed from spen...

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The Chattanooga Shooting: An Honest Response
When the Charleston shooting occurred a few weeks ago, I was
wrecked. I cried. I couldn’t focus on my work. I called my most politically
vocal friends and we talked out our sadness, fears, anxieties, and desperation
for justice. I called Dylann Roof a murde...

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The Anal Renaissance
            When I was
a toddler, MeMark scratched me in the eye.   I had to wear a patch for a week and quite frankly, didn’t give a shit
when that cat ran away a few months later. What provoked such a vicious act of
violence? I poked my finger in his ass,...

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Dear Silent Patriots
Dear Silent Patriots, I am pissed. LIVID. I have book reviews to post. I have a light, fluffy, funny article to write. I have a book to promote. I have to buy pink glitter for my first Seattle Summer Solstice parade tomorrow. But right now, it feels so wron...
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