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American Idol Final Season 2016
News and views from across the pond as Andrew Hill follows American Idol this year
News and views from across the pond as Andrew Hill follows American Idol this year

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The Final Final.
The Final. This is it. The last ever American Idol show. Either Trent or La'Porsha will be crowned the winner and neither will be heard of a great deal outside the States. We will, however, celebrate the stars that have emerged, often not the winners, over ...

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The penultimate show make it Boy v Girl for the Final.
Trent kicks off the first part of the Final with what would be his 'winner's single'. Falling  does suit his voice almost perfectly and flows along OK. I can't get excited about it and it seems to me the sort of track that goes up the charts but drops out p...

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It's anyone's guess now as the Top 3 are announced
I have had to avoid Twitter all week. That is the problem with following this show in the UK, trying to avoid the news! Normally I fail miserably and then have to try and write reviews as if it is all a surprise. This year, I can genuinely say that I do not...

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The Top 4
You know, this is as good as a Final in many ways. Five good contestants and I could imagine any one taking the title. Favourite out there is probably La'Porsha who has put a foot wrong so far but I still wonder just how successful she would be as a long te...

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The Top 5 are revealed
Huge applause at the very start as Adam Lambert opens this week's Idol show with the song he performed way back in 2009, Mad World . This guy is so good. I remember saying at the time that he simply has  to succeed and I am so glad that he has, although I s...

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The Top 6 Revealed
Here are the solo performances from this week's Top 8, now reduced to just 6 as another two depart. These are not in any particular order and I let them stand without comment. I reckon you'll be able to judge for yourselves who is really heading for that bi...

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The Top 8 are chosen
This week the Top 10 perform and two will go at the end of the show. Gosh, how quickly will this be down to just two people in a Final! Dalton is announced as first through 'based on your votes' as Ryan says. So that's good to start with. He sings Radioacti...

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The Top Ten Pt 2
Very quickly into the Top 10 announcements! Tristan is the first to be added to the group. Sonika too. Wow, only four to go. Gianna makes it. That must be bad news for the other girls. McKenzie makes it. Yes. Avalon is the first surprise for me. Just one sp...

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Deciding the Idol Top 10 Pt 1
Now it is beginning to look like American Idol. A big stage, lots more in the audience. We are no choosing the Top 10 from 14. Four people go straight through, decided by Keith, Jennifer and Harry, as those who they really do want to see proceed. First sele...
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