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Gregg Carlson
I have worked in accounting, finance and consulting for most of my career.
I have worked in accounting, finance and consulting for most of my career.

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Trump's Thesis on Jobs and Trade Restrictions
Trump says he will cancel trade agreements on his first day
in office as his anti-trade approach to bring back jobs rhetoric is supported
by his voters. We live in interesting times as the Republican party has
been pro trade and anti trade restriction since...

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Trump's Economic Rhetoric It is one thing to run a campaign based on
misleading economic rhetoric about cancelling trade agreements, bringing back
coal and manufacturing jobs, stopping companies from leaving the U.S., losing
to foreign countries via U.S. tr...

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Support for Hillary Clinton
It would be easier to stay quiet and privately cast my vote
in November given that many of my business  and other relationships are Republican. Due to
my level of conviction and importance of the presidential election I am writing
for the first time in my l...

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Trump Makes Race More Competitive in Select States The race tightens in
traditionally red states like Arizona and Utah among others with Trump's poll
deficits widening across the country. Battleground state deficits also increase
for Trump. The GOP conventi...

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I watched small segments of the Republican party convention
and some of Trump's acceptance speech. As much as I have tried to tune it out I
have followed the Trump campaign. Over the years I have voted for both
Republican and Democratic candidates. Most of ...

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Costco - Mr. Market Miscalculates
This morning as I drove to my office the book title "Mr. Market Miscalculates," published  by James Grant came to mind as I witnessed the strong positive market reaction to Costco's earnings release. This came after the pros sold off Costco in earnest in re...

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Investing is a Personal Journey
What do you want to do? What do you want to own? What is your approach? These seem like simple but are actually complicated questions. Although you and I can study the processes of great investors like Warren Buffett for example and even own some of the sam...

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You Are Not Peter Lynch and Either is Your Expert
Earlier this week I had a chance to spend some time with a couple hundred (my best guess) institutional investors (pros)(1). The pros were there to listen to and engage in Q&A with the senior management from well known and widely followed companies in the g...

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Are You a Market Forecaster-Timer?
This is what I often hear on Main Street and by so called experts about the economy, market, stocks and bonds, etc. 1) The market has gone up, so I like stocks; 2) The market is going down/up based on my opinion which is based on my favorite expert's opinio...

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How to Start
The best way to start is to put your toes in the water after you have done some reflection and made some basic decisions based on your homework and the knowledge foundation you have built. I started by buying stocks in high school. I lost money. I did not l...
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