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"I Can't Breathe: Ralph Metcalfe, Derrick Rose and the Misuse of Police Authority"
Last night, Chicago Bulls superstar point guard, Derrick
Rose, used his platform to give an assist to the national movement against
police brutality. Wearing a shirt that read “I Can’t Breathe,” Rose became the
latest of a growing number of black athletes p...

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Darktown Comes to Atlanta
For a month, Memphis
sporting fans had been hyped about the upcoming fight between the great black
fighters Sam Langford and the former Welterweight Champion the “Dixie Kid.” A local
newspaper paper mockingly noted blacks had “been saving for days and days

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Big Bill Tate: The Prizefighter and the Proletariat
Note: This is an ongoing project. Please share, but don't steal my  ish . “Big” Bill Tate hung up his gloves in 1928. During his
15-year career, Tate, who settled in Chicago’s Black Metropolis, became one of
the most popular black fighters in America. His p...

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Jackie Robinson and Police Brutality
As protests continue over the execution of Mike Brown, we
are starting to see more and more Black athletes use their platform to challenge
police brutality. The player’s courage on Washington’s profession football team,
for example, has been amazing to witn...

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Marcus Smart and Racist Fandom
“Neatly attired” in one of his many suits, on
November 13, 1889 the ex-Colored Champion George Godfrey stormed into the Boston
Globe’s building to protest an injustice. A week early Godfrey had knocked
out the white heavyweight Jack Ashton, and now Ashton w...

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Born free in
1815 in Baltimore, Maryland, John B. Bailey was one of the first black
Americans to use sports to carve out a living and avoid drudgery. As a sparring
master and an expert with pistols, Bailey had unique skills he could market.  He also had a p...

New Post, The first black quarterback

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William C. Matthews: What Happened to the First Black Quarterback?
With two dynamic black quarterbacks starring in the BSC
championship game, now is a good time to take a break from the hype (pre-game
and post-game) to have a brief history lesson on the first black college
quarterback, Harvard’s William Clarence Matthews w...
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