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Rita J. King
A futurist from the island of the sirens.
A futurist from the island of the sirens.

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Time Travel NYC
We always knew time travel was possible with some imagination and hard work. Check out this spectacular project , created out of 80,000 photos of NYC from the 1800's on Google Maps.

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Virtual Field Trips
Millions of kids around the world will get to experience things they could only dream about before, thanks to Google's new virtual reality field trips . One of my favorite projects of my career was five years ago, when I first came to Science House and we d...

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Scan The World
What happens when ancient cities and artifacts are destroyed by time or terrorism?  Thanks to 3D printing, they can be saved, at least in some form. Scan The World , an exhibit at the Venice Biennale, captures the ghost items left behind by destruction and ...

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Imaginary Friends
The Truth About Imaginary Friends  shows just how inventive kids are. I found it interesting that the video shows psychologists interviewing the kids about their imaginary friends instead of just playing with them until the friends manifested, which shows j...

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On Death
The Order of the Good Death is a project that helps people explore a death-positive attitude. It sounds like a tall order, to say the least, to make friends with death, but that's exactly what's being promoted here. Attempting to ignore death is like holdin...

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Forget Me Nots
Memories can be triggered by our in-boxes. Even if you just catch sight of a name of a snippet of an email while looking for something else, your brain might resurrect an entire set of memories better left in the vault. This study looks at whether or not we...

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Computers With Imagination
"It’s undeniably alluring to think that imagination—a capability so fundamentally human it sounds almost mystical in a computer—could be the key to the next big advance in AI."   And yet that is exactly what Vicarious , a "secretive" AI company, is looking ...

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Inventing a Genre
Recently, when I was reading a book by Thomas Adolphus Trollope , I noticed a strange line in the introduction. His mother was also a writer, famous for her "abuse of the Americans." Curious about who his mother might be, I looked into it, and discovered a ...

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3D Printing in Glass
3D printing in molten glass at MIT Glass Lab!  I've been doing my own 3D printing experiments with amphorae found in the ancient shipwrecks . 

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Shade Balls
A visualization of human imagination applied to a problem: climate change. These gorgeous and surreal  shade balls  reflect the sun to keep California water from evaporating. 
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