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Hopefully this is only the first state to start changing the rules cops live by, though the changes won't go nearly far enough!
Even though this man died in custody over a month ago state medical examiners have yet to report an official cause of death.
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After a mentally disabled man was imprisoned for stealing $5 worth of food, he was left to starve to death by the prison staff.
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Sojourner Fathom

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If this was your family member, would you still support the war on drugs?
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. . . says the man who praises the holiness of poverty while living in the most lavish palace on the planet.
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Sojourner Fathom

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As America gets safer, institutionalized extortion is on the rise
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"We remove non-self-sustaining tissue to prevent potential damage to the host which could cause the inability of the host to create future tissue more viable to become self sustaining; as well as to allow the host to more rapidly recover from the loss of the non-viable tissue and be ready to create more, should she so choose."

Of course, some people think it is better for a mother to drive her children into a lake, or strangle them and bury them in the back yard, or kill the children and hide the bodies in their garages, or sell them as sex slaves to pedophiles, or any of the other atrocities committed by mothers upon children...rather than allow the removal of something that has yet to develop its own life support system.
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Sojourner Fathom

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I'm curious how many of these functions were actually intended by Browning - it's interesting nonetheless.
1911 Observations: Then and Now
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Sojourner Fathom

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The system is rigged. Stop lending it any legitimacy.
This is hideously telling.  Not surprising, but to see the numbers on a graph has put it into perspective.  Television networks have gone out of their way to ignore political candidates that threaten the reign of the fiscal kings.  
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