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For my friend at work Sheri
Rd Turnbow originally shared:
In Cyberspace.
For once,
I don't feel so out of place.

People share smiles brighter than the sun.
When they show me sadness, 
My problems seem so small and
I learn to overcome.

If you are willing to share
You can find yourself everywhere.

Across oceans, or maybe hours away
There are people like me
Who are not afraid
Who stand up for they believe
Live by what they say.

If you are willing to share
You Can find yourself everywhere.

You can find yourself in the Moonlight of Mumbai,
Or the dawn in El Salvador
Painting smiles on the walls
Sipping coffee beneath the big blue sky
Standing up for Peace 
In the middle of it all.

If you are willing to share
You can find yourself everywhere.
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Rd Turnbow

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You can find me here most every day.

Rd Turnbow

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Love the cool sounds of George Benson
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I had a great opportunity to meet him in Scottsdale Az. 

Rd Turnbow

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We are thrilled to announce that Chris Rock will host Make It Right's 2014 Gala on May 17 in New Orleans, joining previously announced artists Brad Pitt,
Bruno Mars & Kings of Leon. More exciting announcements are coming soon - get your seats today before they're gone! We hope to see you at the best party in town.


Our friends at Groupon are offering two tickets to the gala and an all expenses paid trip to New Orleans to
the winner of their Make It Right sweepstakes! Donate just $10 for your chance to win. You'll get flights to New Orleans, a room at the W Hotel and VIP gala tickets where you'll see Chris Rock, Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon and meet Brad Pitt! All proceeds from the sweepstakes - plus a $100,000 gift from Groupon - go to build homes for people in need. Enter today and GOOD LUCK!


We have a few tables and corporate sponsorships still available. Get in touch with us today to find out all the benefits available to our table sponsors.


Remove my name from all future email correspondence

Address postal inquiries to:
Make It Right Foundation
912 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
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Winning the Lottery Just May be a Losing Proposition
by R. Dean Turnbow

Recently, a lottery winner died from possible cyanide gas. His family inherited his estate;  but not until a full blown autopsy and accusations were tossed about.
Apparently, the  man owned several properties and a few dry cleaners.  The poor man, worked so hard to make it in the United States, only to succumb to a  dreadful end.

While relatives were pointing fingers at one another, authorities exhumed  his body from his final resting place  and an examiner revealed a horrifying secret. The Lottery winner had been exposed to cyanide as a  cause of death.  A suspicious uncle  requested an investigation.  Meanwhile , the spouse of the unlucky winner  was accused by her daughter of killing her husband; and  as the daughter pointed the finger, three more pointed at her. The feud began.

Usually when someone thinks  of deaths by cyanide, it's related to espionage, or the opening chapters of a novel like 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. So, when I came across this AP News Story" Widow and daughter will split estate of poisoned $1 million lotto winner", it was quite startling. 

My wife sends me to buy lottery tickets every time it reaches over 100 million.  Why this amount is beyond me because  we could use a win now and then when its around 1000.00 or so. 

Nevertheless,  now I am thankful we never win. It seems those of us who struggle with day to day bills should be grateful.  We don't have to worry about incessant phone calls from relatives reminding us of how they helped us when we were  down and out. Or, how about the non profit charities whose miracles are just a momentary breakthrough away from solving the worlds problems. They simply need a monetary breakthrough  for a couple of million. It seems winning the lottery maybe a losing proposition.

As I write this, there is a Mega Million ticket in the left breast pocket of my suit coat.  It is 2 days old. i am feeling more reluctant to check the winning numbers. Hey, as long as I don't know the longer my life span might be or the delusion of grandeur can continue.  The drawing is over three hundred million dollars.  No one won the big pot, so perhaps the motivation to rush down to the local Circle K is non existent. I am still a winner, or a lucky loser.

MSN "Widow and daughter will split estate of poisoned $1 million lotto winner"
AP News  12-12-2013

Rd Turnbow

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Morning Swim. 39 0utside but 77 in the pool.

Rd Turnbow

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Apartments on the River

Rd Turnbow

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Great Day for a Fire.

Saw Jimmy Page on Jimmy Fallon the other night. So, I pulled out the sheet music to great standard. What is your favorite Led Zeppelin song?

Rd Turnbow

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Rd Turnbow

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Thank you for sharing this spectacular photo
Winter Walk, Gellert Hill, Budapest, Hungary!
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