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Is there a fix for when I reply from the notification at the top of the screen to make it mark the message as read in the app? When I respond and go back into the app later it still has the indicator that I haven't read the message yet.

I would contact you directly but I have no contact information. 

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This is pretty amazing. 

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Does anyone else have this device health application? If so what does it do? 

I just bought a Samsung class 10 memory card and popped it in and it's not recognizing it. Rebooted the phone with it in there and still nothing. Has anyone had this issue yet?

does anyone know how to use the ambient sensor to not allow the phone to accidental turn on in the pocket if the double tap to wake feature is turned on? This thing has turned on in my pocket at work so many times because of that feature. 

I'm loving the phone so far but what really worries me is if it doesn't do as well as they planned if they will still support it a little for updates but abandon it for the most part. So far I'm still rocking it naked because I can't find any cases except the blackberry one and to be honest that thing is cheaply made. Any thoughts?

Does anyone have any pictures they have taken and would like to show? Very curious how the camera operates in normal conditions. I would post some but I haven't had anything post worthy. Greatly appreciated. 

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100% accurate. 

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I don't know what this is from but I want it. 

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This is quite funny
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