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If you're against mixing chocolate with peanut butter, are you a Reesist?

#IllBeHereAllWeek #TryTheVeal

Latest restaurant idea - Pho Reelz - combination eatery and movie rentals

Fantasy guilds - let's make some up:

First, the well-known guilds:

Thieves' Guild
Assassins' Guild
Alchemists' Guild

Next, a few more ideas:

Beggars' Guild
Scribes' Guild
Apothecaries' Guild (control the anti-toxin trade)
Grave Robbers' Guild (who demand to be called Grave Diggers, but everyone knows the truth of the matter)
Harlots' Guild (include suggestive dancers, shameless flirts and sexy librarians)
Flatterers' Guild
Rakes and Ruffians' Guild
Rattoners' Guild (youngsters require their okay to become apprentices to kennelmasters)
Executioners' Guild
Fortune Tellers' Guild
Tinkers' Guild (control the trade in thieves' tools and mechanisms used in the construction of cunning traps)
Pirates' Guild
Fools' Guild (maintain an index of japes and fine people for stealing them)
Henchmens' Guild (known for their insurance plan for henchmen)
Berserkers' Guild (scarier than the teamsters)
Wenchs' Guild
Toadeaters' Guild (control the making of ipecac)
Poisoners' Guild (and home for wicked widows)
Maidens' Guild (with lessons on maintaining one's composure while held prisoner by a dragon or anti-paladin)
Idolators' Guild (carve and polish idol and holy symbols)
Incense Makers' Guild (maintain a catalog of known genies, both free and imprisoned, and last known whereabouts)
Gongfarmers' Guild (control licenses to both own and slay otyughs)
League of Halfling Bakers
Guild of Manikens, Doppelgangers and Simulacra
Leech Collectors' Guild (work in close association with physicians)
Cat Gutters' League (tribute is required from bards who expect to purchase stringed instruments)
Mudlarks' Guild (known all the juicy gossip from the riverfront)

What did I miss?

I'm reading a book about an Englishman's experiences in the French Foreign Legion fighting in Vietnam in the 1890s and came across this passage, which refers to French conscripted infantry participating in a campaign againt rebels:

"... had the call on their patriotism been made for a supreme effort in Europe, they would have hailed the chance with enthusiasm. As it was, the prospect was one of a violent end, by the hand of an unseen foe, in some dark corner of the tropical jungle, and this to further a colonial policy in which few of them felt either interest or confidence. The ever-existing danger from the deadly malaria, the distance separating them from their patrie and their homes, and the thought that their presence was due to the brutal hazard and ill-luck attached to conscription: these were reasons hardly conducive to a liking for the hardships and risks of the campaign. Not that the morale or courage of these troops was in the least affected by this state of things, but their dislike for the expedition was evident and outspoken."

The human condition doesn't change much.

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Playing with cover ideas for NOD. I kinda dig this one.

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Hail Zealandia, where the hobbits dwell!

Start drawing those hex maps folks.

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Still plugging away on Dungeon74, my attempt at a musical tribute to the phantasy-rock that was mulling about when the hobby was born.

As always, suggestions are appreciated.

Overheard at work today - thought it would make a good t-shirt:

"I'm an asshole, but I'm not a fucking asshole"

Things that have my attention at the moment:

Old CD's

Interesting socks

Old board games

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At the Land of Nod today, a little tribute to Mike Connors with some GRIT & VIGOR game stats for Mannix!
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