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Any one here live in San Diego or close by? Planning a willow track day was wondering if anyone was intrested.

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Im not going to say if im for or against banning guns ill keep that to my self. I just want to say whether your a republican, democrat, independent or dont care for any.. we're all Americans.. is this really the biggest news we need to be focusing on? Or is it the deficit. The buget cut backs the economy the fact congress still hasnt produced any new plans on how we are going to improve our spending. It just seems like the media has more news on shootings and how the governement is working or trying to work on it. But Im sure your chances of being effected by the impacts of the economy will be greater than what the governement does about guns. Lets set priorities on what needs to get done. I mean congress gets a raise!! For what? Its illegal for police officers or judges to recieve money from other because it may cloud their judgment and its called bribery. But congressmen, presidents, potential presidential canidates accept hundrends of thosands or millions of dollars from outside sources and its called contributions... some things to think about.

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Jet mini cooper?!

S2000 thread!!!! Posting up some pics of my 03 ap1. 

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Honda fit 4x4 2014? Check out this video to find out more info. 

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List of mods and pics on my yellow 2003 ap1.
Buddy club coilovers
Xxr 17 by 9.5 inch rims
Cusco carbon fiber front strut bar
Polymer ap1 lip
Aem v2 cold air intake
Invidia catback single exhaust

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