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First of all the ratio of blacks to whites in Ferguson is 2/3 black leaving 1/3 whites! Furthermore, it was not white people looting and hurting the small business owners acting like animals. . Take some responsibility for your own actions. . Michael Brown was not innocent he was robbing the store and shoved the guy on the video. .. gimme a break you want to end racism start with yourselves. . What you can call each other the N word but nobody else can use it. .I don't. .I have 2 biracial nieces and a nephew. .I do not use that word ever and it sickens me! Also Mr. Brown the so called gentle giant was constantly throwing gang signs and making threatening comments.. don't get it twisted if you want to end racism start on your own homes! And as for the jobs here's a free education for ya. .. two words Affirmative Action. .a white person can score a perfect on any civil service test and a black person can get half of their score but still get hired over a white guy please educate yourselves before running your mouths! And as for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. . They are nothing but race baiters.. and how about the Black Panthers, did you see the KKK showing up in defense of the officer gimme a break this video promotes hate and here's another free history lesson for everyone. .. the first so called slaves were Portuguese and were paid and considered cheap labor. . Your so called own people sold you into slavery from Africa. .. educate yourselves and pick up a history book instead of breeding hatred. . Enough said! 
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