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Seeking excellence in education for all
Seeking excellence in education for all

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Do you know what really bugs me about Reddit? Everything is an Imgur link. Even two sentences of text the length of a Twitter post are screenshot and uploaded to Imgur. 100B becomes 100KB.

Oh, and don't get me started on 140 characters and Twitter!

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"Samsung's iPad is the same as Apple's iPad and ..."

This is the reason that the iPad trade dress litigation is stupid. Almost every non-techie in the world uses "iPad" and "tablet" interchangeably.

"Of course that looks like an iPad. It is a tablet an iPad."

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"Like the trade dress -- once you determine Samsung violated the trade dress, the flat screen with the bezel...then you go down the products to see if it had a bezel. "

Samsung is wrong. This case was not about rounded rectangles, even though Apple lawyers said virtually the same thing. The case was about flat screens and the bezels needed to hold them in place (that's what a bezel is, after all). Any phone with a flat screen and a bezel was found to be infringing.

Good luck to other phone manufacturers if that's the standard.


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"All of this is to say Jon Jones is not Chuck Liddell. I have no doubts that Liddell, if placed in a similar position, would've taken the fight. I'm not suggesting Liddell is a hero where Jones is a villain. Rather, they are the products of two different eras of mixed martial arts."

Agreed, mostly. This is the era where MMA becomes the thing it hates -- boxing.

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GF is watching "America's Got Talent" YouTube version, and I'm listening to Howie Mandel critique an air guitarist. Dude, your entire career was based on putting a latex glove on your head and blowing it up. Get real.

p.s. Howie reminds me that modern American media is at exactly the same level of stupidity it was in Howie's time. 

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I watched this twice it was so good.

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Android 4.1 works better on my HTC Aria as an Alpha 1 than ICS did as a Beta 6. I guess Project Butter really helped.

Problems so far:
1) Camera flickers badly
2) Google Search fails silently (my biggest reason for trying it out)
3) Voice Search doesn't work. Also a biggie.
4) Low RAM,  Low space. Etc.

It's just for play, anyway. I'm getting a new phone next month -- a GS3, a Note II, or an HTC One X.

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This has been an exciting week for Open Source and #Linux gaming! Here's why.
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