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Declan Stylofone
Music, technology, file-sharing, SF and fantasy, atheism, disability rights.
Music, technology, file-sharing, SF and fantasy, atheism, disability rights.

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Upgrading the Bastl Microgranny firmware - chip replacement
If you have a Microgranny and have bought the firmware upgrade with a replacement chip, here are some hints on changing it. Remove the four screws from the bottom, then take off the back cover. This is also how you access the battery. You need to take off o...

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Revolution in the Head Introduction: Fabled Foursome, Disappearing Decade
Hereunder, for critical purposes, is an excerpt from Ian MacDonald's fine book about the Beatles. I think this is a good account of the 1960s, emphasising that music was the most significant part of the culture of that decade. He does ramble a bit at the an...

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Album list, 2014 - 2015
Panda Bear - Meets the Grim Reaper LP, Crosswords EP Three albums in a row and I still love Noah Lennox's mixture of experimental synthesis, cavernous production and Beach-Boys style melodies. Plus his lyrics about his everyday life are kind of moving and I...

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Love letter to brutalism... my photos of the UTS tower.
Love Letter to Brutalism - UTS Tower
13 Photos - View album

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The Pope is in bed with the (ahem) MSM
It's bad enough that the ABC Religion and Ethics page ignores the general audience and instead models itself as a sort of trade paper for clerics and theology students. But now the editor wants the rest of the media to follow his example! When the doddery o...

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Enough of the Jesus already!
My response to:  Competitive Scapegoating? The Case of Two Nations, and Two Condemned Men I come to the ABC Religion and Ethics page expecting to be appalled by the garbled delusions of believers. For a moment I thought this article would be an exception. A...

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A bit on Fry
A little comment I made on God, Suffering and Stephen Fry: A Response to John Dickson Joel's reasoning reminds me of Douglas Adams' little fable asking us to picture a muddy puddle which might somehow develop intelligence: 'Imagine a puddle waking up one mo...

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Islam is STILL not a race
Here's my reply to the article  Religion and the Racial Discrimination Act: Don't Muslims Also Deserve Protection? Death threats and online bile from the likes of the Australian Defence League deserve condemnation. A racist might target a person because of ...

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Abortion in America
Here's my comment on an anti-abortion article from the ABC Religion and Ethics site. The high temperature debate in the United States is not a good test bed for consideration of this issue in Australia, where opinions are likely to be more mellow. But if I ...
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