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Some things get worse, some things get better.

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My last MRI showed more plaques and a shrinking hypothalamus. Not good news, but not surprising. My mobility is quite obviously getting worse: mostly because of the weakness in my left leg and arm. Except for really short distances where I use my poles or a...

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I'm trying out the drug Fampyra, which is intended to help with walking. Apparently it helps about half the MSers that try it. I've been on it for three weeks. I did a walking test before I started the drug, then another one today. These are the results: At...

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Good timrs
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Our friends.

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Six Years Later - Part 3
Coping There are many ways and things I use to cope with my various problems: First and foremost among my coping "mechanisms" is my wonderful wife, Mary. Without her help and care, my life would be very different and my quality of life would be abysmal. Mar...

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Six Years Later - Part 2
The Bad News:  The weakness on my left side (arm and leg) has gotten much worse, meaning that I can't walk at all without a cane or poles, and even then only short distances. Stairs are becoming a real hassle, since it's getting really difficult to lift my ...

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Six Years Later - Part 1
I missed the actual anniversary by two days. On April 29th, 2010, I was "liberated". Soon after that I saw big improvements in several symptoms: in particular my autonomic functions,  my balance, my fatigue. Previous to the procedure, I was expecting to be ...

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One year of timelapse web-cam shots from our cottage loft.

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New Research on Vitamin D and MS
Happy New Year! Scientists and health-care advocates are encouraged by new research that has found  vitamin D may help repair damage to myelin — the protective sheath surrounding nerve fibers — in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). The study, conducted by...
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