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Hong Yi

:: Jay Chou Coffee Stain Portrait
Inspired by the opening and closing lines of Jay Chou’s song “Secret” as well as the complementing movie, the painter wanted to create this sepia-toned old photograph of Jay Chou that represents the essence of the storyline of the movie.
The portrait is formed by thousands of coffee stain rings, many of them broken and imperfect like fallen autumn leaves. 12 extremely challenging hours later the painting is completed and it tells the story of a lost romance with a girl from 1979 who time-traveled forward 20 years and met Jay in 1999, and they fell in love.
She then went back to 1979 and sketched a portrait of him.
The delicate nature and meaning behind each stain is absolutely inspiring and beautiful.

Check out her work in progress: Red - Jay Chou Portrait with Coffee Cup Stains 用咖啡漬畫周傑倫

Official Site:
Hong Yi | Jay Chou Coffee Stain Portrait (5 photos)
5 Photos - View album

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As it turns out, Conway's Game of Life is Turing-complete. Here, for instance, is a recursive Game of Life: a working Game running on the Game itself.

(h/t: +Aleatha Parker-Wood)

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#AndroidDev #Design

As a follow up to my screencast from earlier this week [1], I've put together another one today. This time, it's a bit longer and has a touch more production value. This screencast demonstrates how to create custom button graphics, in the form of nine-patches [2], in Adobe Photoshop. It doesn't go into details on creating the state list XML drawables [3], but that's something you can usually copy and paste from framework resources.

Anyway, take a look and let me know in the comments what you think. Like I said in the previous post [1], I'd like to do more of these, and your comments will be helpful in determining what screencasts to produce next.

Oh, also, I made a boo-boo with some math mid-way through the screencast. When scaling down from XHDPI to HDPI, the scaling factor is 75%—not 66.6%—since MDPI:HDPI:XHDPI is 2:3:4. Whoops!


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definitely funniest EVER...
I know this is old but seriously, has there even been a funnier Cell Phone commercial EVER?!

Anti theft cell phone

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