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Office Calculator
Android Calculator optimized for office tasks
Android Calculator optimized for office tasks


Office Calculator FAQ #26

Double-tapping on the CE button used to bring up a dialog where I could select what to delete. This stopped working. How can I activate this behavior again?

You can configure what happens when you double-tap on the CE button under Menu / Settings / Input / Double Press CE Button. Choose "Confirmation Dialog" to get the dialog, "Clear all" to clear the tape and the input without confirmation or you could deactivate it.
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Last week I released version 5.2.4 of my Office Calculator on Google Play.
New features:
- Allow tax rate to be reset
- Ready for Android Oreo (Version 8/26)
- Bug fix: crash on overflow in percentage calculation
- Bug fix: "Take as Input" and "MR" are working now for percentage calculation
- Bug fix: "Change Value" and "Edit Text" on Android Oreo
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Office Calculator FAQ #25

I can't see the function buttons (Tax, Parentheses, Memory). How can I make them visible?

You can configure the display of function buttons under Settings / Input / Keypad Settings / Function Buttons
Flexible - visible depending on display size, Off - not visible, Visible - always visible.
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Office Calculator FAQ #24
What is the difference between "Visible" / "Flexible" in settings for function buttons or footer.

"Flexible" means that when started the calculator automatically decides if there is enough space on your device to display the function buttons/footer bar. If your device is big enough, both settings will have the same effect.
"Flexible" is very useful for multi window as it came with Android 7 (Nougat). Because with multi windows you can resize windows. When you enabled "flexible" the function buttons/footer bar will vanish when your window gets too small.
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I could confirm that release 5.2.1 of my Office Calculator had a display problem on right-to-left languages like Arabian, Hebrew or Persian (all the button positions were mirrored.
I fixed this in release 5.2.2.
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I got several complains about a new permission the new version 5.2.1 of my Office Calculator required: ACCESS-WIFI-STATE.
After some research I understand that this might really have some privacy implications (e.g.
I had included this permission, because for Amazon Mobile Ads, it was recommended to include it.
After these complains I decided to remove this permission again with the release 5.2.2 I just uploaded to Google Play.
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On Sunday I released a new version 5.2.1 of my Office Calculator (free variant). I could reduce the download app size from 2.4 MByte to 1.4 MByte.
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Office Calculator FAQ #23

How can I share the tape?

Currently you can't share directly from the Office Calculator.
But you can use a workaround similar to printing (see FAQ #20

Just copy the content of the scrolling tape by doing a long press on the tape and select "Copy Tape" from the menu.
Then you can paste the text to any app you like, e.g. gmail, whatsapp, sms.
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Office Calculator FAQ #22
The division sign and the addition sign can easily be confused.
Is there a way to make the symbols bigger?

You can change the size of the labels on the button in the settings of my Office Calculator.
Just go to Menu/Settings/Keypad Settings and increase the value of "Button Text Size". This is a percentage value, you can set it up to 100. (Eventually you have scroll down in the settings dialog to go to this value.)

You can also switch the keypad layout to "Extra Big Plus Button". With this layout the division button and the plus button look very differently. (also under Keypad Settings).

And finally you also can increase the total size of the keypad. Of course this will reduce the size of the virtual tape.
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Office Calculator FAQ #21

Is there a version of Office Calculator for Windows 10?

You can already use my Office Calculator on Windows 10 with the excellent Android emulator Bluestacks
It includes Google Play and allows you to install the Office Calculator.
- You can use the physical keyboard
- You can even copy&past from Windows to the calculator and vice versa. (Klick for a long time with the left mouse button on the display to copy the current result or paste a value. Klick long on the tape to copy the content of the tape.)

Still this solution has two disadvantages:
1) Start up is a bit slow because a virtual android device has to start
2) This long klick feels a bit strange on Windows

In fact I would love to create a native Windows 10 app.
But this is no easy task. On Android one typically programs in the Java programming language and so did I for the Office Calculator.
But Windows does not support Java for universal apps. I would have to reimplement my calculator for Windows or program it in a programming language which runs on both platforms.
In 2015 Microsoft even announced with Project Astoria a solution to run Android apps on Windows, which made me hope to bring my Office Calculator easily to Windows.
But in the begining of 2016 Microsoft silently dropped this project.
Now Google is working on a solution to run apps from the chrome browser but this is still in beta (see but this is still in better.
Still I already could try successfully to run my Office Calculator on a Chromebook, so there is hope that this will be available in some time.
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