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DJ Djing IndieDance House DJeen Booking Dutch


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Nice new release, it has a kind of relaxing beat to it/

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A great remix in VDJ style. Loved this song.

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So here is another great song released this month! Njoy!!

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Everybody in my direct circle of friends knows that this week is one you do not forget. Seven years ago a very special friend was taken away from us. Hélène loved music. I remember all the times she jumped behind the bar to take care of what was played that night. If I was djing it wouldn't take a minute before she kicked me out of my dj booth. Sad fact is, I never had the chance to play for her because I started djing after that year.

So I searched the music sites this week to come up with a song she loved and combine it with a sauce of DJeen. So here is Jolene from Dolly Parton in the remix.

I love you all, Djeen

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"2016-10-29 - dj - djeen - music - spotify apple music - remixes live"

Most active music listeners are using streaming services to find new tracks. If you’re a DJ or producer, making “unlicensed” remixes or DJ sets, you’re out of luck in terms of getting your edits and tracks on these services – until now. Starting yesterday, Apple Music and Spotify have started adding unofficial remixes to their library thanks to a partnership with MixBank. Read on for details.

We reported last week on the potential acquisition that Spotify is looking at: buying out Soundcloud. We predicted that one of the major wins for Spotify would be the massive library of content that Soundcloud has held – which could easily be processed via MixBANK and be made available for streaming.
This could even apply retroactively to a lot of content that was taken down on Soundcloud – like mixes and unofficial remixes. Imagine how Spotify could breath life back into a service that’s largely been under the stranglehold of labels and monetization issues.
We recommend that DJs who want their tracks and mixes to end up on these streaming services start applying for a (free) MixBANK account now – check out their site for details.

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2016 march release!

Will be a top track in clubs, no doubt. Ok it's not very very new but hey it's "get on the dancefloor" track.

Njoy, DJeen

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OK, the last song I will post today! It's the perfect combination of two of the best artists en genres I like. Moby (porcelain) goes Trance. Please comment below what you think about it.

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The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is coming up again. And there is a perfect app to stay informed when and who is performing live. You can listen to live streams and you know when to go. It's a bit crowded since they expect over 200.000 dance music lovers.
Here is a link with a small description of the app. Don't try to download the ADE app through that link/ It will not work. Just search your iPhone AppStore for "ADE" or "Amsteram Dance Event".

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Here is a house track that has nice vocals and she is singing how she misses Amsterdam (of course the roots for dance music). I get that!! It was released a week ago and you just have to wait a little while before it hits the charts. But at least you'll be the first right now.
With the upcoming renowned ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) you can not miss it.

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Raise your hands up (feat. chess) original mix by Sudad G, Chess, Eduardo Tristao

This track game out a week ago and mind my words it's gonna be high up in the charts soon. The track as a great mid section which you will hear first when listening to the link. At the end you be surprised how subtle it will change to a perfect beat.


The link changed in to a dead link. This is the new one from a other great website. Traxsource!

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