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A moment in your life
As my wife and I finished watching "The Orange Girl" (an adaptation of Jostein Gaarder's novel Appelsinpiken ) a few minutes ago I saw this right in front of us on our coffee table: I decided to capture the moment. "Nothing lasts forever. The moment is ever...

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The Unexpected Virtue of Identity
It`s been a long time since my last post and I wonder if you out there still exist. Today as I wake up for the second time on this, so far, marvellous day, the sun is shining through our huge window. I blink for a moment and decide to go out into the world ...

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Morality, European Union and a Horseman in the Sky
"I eat meat because I don't see a point in consuming the morally impeccable vegetables",  said one of my closest childhood friends to me a couple of weeks ago. It's quite a puzzling statement at the first sight - don't you think? Granted, for it to have any...

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Ode(ssa) to Peace!
"Joy, beautiful sparkle of the gods, Daughter of Elysium, We enter, fire-drunk, Heavenly one, your shrine. Your magics bind again What custom's sword has partef. Beggars become princes' brothers. Where your tender wing lingers." Sometimes I wonder whether p...

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