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Carolina Sauce Company, Inc.
Zesty sauces, condiments & more from NC and beyond
Zesty sauces, condiments & more from NC and beyond


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Mountain Trout Stuffed with Lemon-Butter Mushrooms
What a long, strange week-plus it's been since I last blogged! I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that nothing went as planned with the house we thought we were buying, and with the job I thought I was starting last week. The good news i...

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Seared Pork Chops with Zesty Italian Seasonings
A well-seasoned cast iron skillet is a must for the following recipe, as are the best pork chops you can get, ideally from a small farm specializing in heirloom hog breeds rather than your standard mass-produced pork chop found in supermarkets and even most...

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Low Carb Recipe: Faux French Onion Soup (aka Mushroom & Garlic Soup)
Greg and I both love homemade French onion soup, but the real thing doesn't fit into either of our dietary preferences: The bread topping makes the soup prohibitively high-carb for Greg, and its cheesy high-fat richness makes it a very rare indulgence for m...

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May's Best-Selling Products at Carolina Sauce
The Silver Sausage, aka the RV-Que, has arrived in Bozeman, and I'm back in (almost) full-swing, at least when our flaky internet connection permits. We're camped on the outskirts of Bozeman for the month, and should be able to move into our new house in ea...

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Hitting the Road for the Big Move
Dear friends of Carolina Sauce Company : Tomorrow, May 26th,  Greg and I will begin our long drive to Montana, with our RV in tow behind Greg's truck and two cats in my SUV (lucky me). We expect to reach Bozeman by the first or second of June, assuming all ...

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Mushrooms in Tarragon Sherry-Cream Sauce
The following recipe was inspired by three different people: Two of my friends who appreciate good food but have never met each other, and my dear husband who, after almost 26 years of marriage, still surprises me by occasionally declaring that he hates or ...

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Don't Get Left Out of our Invitation-Only BBQ Sauce Sale!
Click for your BBQ Sale invitation & Free Newsletter Time is short, so I'm skipping the small talk and getting straight to my point: In the very near future -- as in, early this coming week -- the Carolina Sauce Company will be launching an invitation-only ...

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Ole Ray's Apple Cinnamon BBQ Sauce Now in Gallon Jugs!
Attention BBQ fanatics and lovers of great tasting barbecue sauces: The Carolina Sauces online store now sells Ole Ray's Apple Cinnamon BBQ Sauce in gallon jugs ! Perfect for whenever you're cooking for a crowd, these food-service gallon jugs of one of Ole ...

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Carolina Reaper Salsa is Here!
Trinidad Moruga scorpion chiles? C'mon, they're sooooo last-year. Ghost peppers or jolokias? Get serious, that's ancient history. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Habanero or jalapeno peppers? Puh-leeze! Those are for wimps and newbies. OK, then what...

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You Think Shakira is Hot? Check Out these New Colombian Imports!
Attention spicy-foods lovers with a taste for the hot and exotic: Amazon Hot Sauces from Colombia have three new flavors now available at the Carolina Sauces online store , and they're all currently on sale! Amazon Green Hot Sauce , aka salsa picante verde ...
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