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Some great resources.
11 Remarkable Tools For Smart Web Designers & Web Design Agencies

The writer says that "I have divided the tools in 5 major categories. Each category has different tools. I certainly have my favorites in these, but they change on the objective I want to gain:"

Design process
Client collaboration
Code process
Design profiling and showcase
Web launch and maintenance

Do you guys think that there are more tools to be added in that list? 

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Can't wait to try it out...
Prototypo lets anyone design an entire font system all at once: 
Animated Photo

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All yes -- except I just can't pull off the skinny jeans anymore ;)

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What is your take on minimalist #webdesign  ? #lessismore  

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Wow -- I'm sweating already...
Social Media Checklist for Businesses
To enlarge image:

Are you stumped by social media and content marketing for your business? And need a little help maintaining your marketing momentum?

To assist you in developing a perfect social strategy, the +HeroX team has shared, a handy list of key tasks, that help you transform your company with social media.

Follow these easy suggestions to create a consistent presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram Pinterest, Blog and Reddit.

Google+ Checklist:

Find 5 new people every day (relevant to your industry) and add them to your circles.

Share new and relateable content to your business 2 times a day. Remember the 80/20 rule ->

Offer and host a Google+ hangouts session for an industry related topic 1x week.

Pro tip: Make sure your posts are set to public.

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#socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing  

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Yes it is ;)
A little Monday morning #designer   humour #webdesign   #photoshop  

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Getting excited to present #GraphicDesign on career day @ #ScottValleyJuniorHighSchool

This is what I came up with | 
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