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The "Van Halen" Machine
Presumably, this could be optimized to Van Halen's specifications .

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Uplink gets an update!
For any of you that remember Uplink , good news! The 2001 game is getting an update in 2016! Score one for the downtrodden hacker!

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Pebble Time Demo Sorcery - Rocky Reality
The demo scene is an interesting beast. I was impressed that I could make an API call on my Pebble. Then, I see what these people accomplished with Rocky Reality .  Wow.

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MSDN and Installing Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise - An Identity Management Dumpster Fire
About 30-90 days after you install Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise, you may notice that your "trial version" is expiring. " But, wait! " You say. " My company has an MSDN subscription!  They pay Microsoft so that I don't have to mess around with trial version...

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Seems cool.

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Multi-select (multi-cursor) functionality in the Atom Editor
If you've used Sublime Text, you may have become familiar with the neat multi-selection/multi-cursor functionality that you can use.   Recently, I've started using the Atom Editor , and I wanted similar functionality to quickly select multiple lines of text...

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Civic Hacking - Creating a Pebble Watch App for Recycling Data in Appleton, WI
TL;DR:  I released a Pebble App for Appleton Recycling Data .  It was fun. Long Version: Civic hacking is an activity that encourages people to take existing public data and mash it together or organize it in a clever way to increase its usefulness.  I've b...

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It's true.
Numero Uno! Female Founders Outperform Their Male Peers

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Yep.  I can check the recycling from my phone now.

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API Platform - Kevin Dunglas - creating an API centric application
For the francophones out there, here is a good talk about API-centric applications using Symfony and API-Platform , a new framework to focus on apps around APIs. If I have time on my hands, I'll try to translate this, but the guy talks fast, so there's a to...
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