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I'm amazed how LinkedIn seems to treat Ireland as some kind of amorphous blob without distinction to someone's location within the island.

That's the only way I can see why I keep getting spam invites for jobs which are 150-200 miles away. Er hello, I don't live in Dublin, Belfast or Galway. On the balance of probabilities does that make me more or less likely to take interest in the job than someone who lives in Dublin, Belfast or Galway?

Perhaps range from the job should be a search criteria? Or a "willingness to travel" option on people's profiles? Or even "I'm not looking for a job, leave me alone" setting?
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Yet more adware spam, this time from a crowd called Aarki.
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Another day, another spam from someone who has harvested my Android app contact address.  Today's contestant is Appicano which is a spin-off of Mobario and merely wants to plaster social links and popups all over my app. Given how loved Mobario is by users (despised) and Google (apps suspended), I think I'll pass.
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Woo hoo, LibGDX 1.0 is here and I'm slightly ahead of the curve since I've been working with the snapshots and Gradle for about 10 days now. Gradle is an exercise in pain and suffering but ultimately it's for the good (probably). The gdx-setup.jar proved invaluable for getting it working.

Not so enamoured with Android Studio though. I managed to get a desktop build of my libgdx app running but only by hacking the working directory to point to the assets dir of android. Not so elegant, and in general Android Studio doesn't feel as iterative as Eclipse was.
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I'm trying to like Android Studio, I really am but it feels so primitive and clunky compared to Eclipse. 

That isn't to say Eclipse is perfect. For android development it can be a huge pain to package and sign an apk, but day to day stuff like code refactoring, automatic builds and source control feel superior to what Android Studio offers.

I'm trying to get Gradle to generate an Eclipse project so I can do my day to day work in Eclipse but kick off tests and packaging from the command line. It's almost working, but I haven't figured how to get build.gradle to generate a .classpath which works with the Google Play Services .aar file.
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Google's Hangouts for Android has nagged me twice to use it for SMS messages. The second time I relented in order to give it a try. I shouldn't have bothered.

For some reason Hangouts shows G+ conversations before SMS ones. So I get a text this morning and its somewhere down the list below a conversation I had with a person once over 4 years ago. Conversations should be sorted by default from most recent to least recent. Better yet, messages from different networks should be on separate tabs, or there should be a filter (like with GMail) to only show stuff from one origin.

So I've reverted back to Messages. If 4.4 forces me to use Hangouts, I think I will be using a 3rd party app until they fix it.
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I have no idea why Google canned iGoogle but so far I'm enjoying my time in My Yahoo instead. There are some glitches such as the crappier search function and temperamental RSS feeds, but nothing which stop me from calling My Yahoo my homepage for the time being.
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More spam - apparently I can earn myself 100 5* reviews of my android app for $135, or 1000 5* reviews for $950. And I'm sure there won't be any negative consequences for doing this at all.

Meanwhile another spammer offers to "optimize" my website (which is just a placeholder) and offer a FREE AUDIT and signs off by saying "PS I: I am not spamming. I have studied your website and believe I can help with your business promotion." Yeah right.
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Another day and I get another spam promoting some dubious Android Advertising SDK. Up to the plate today is Widdit which suggests I "engage" with users by foisting some horrible lock screen app onto their device. I am promised BIG MONEY for doing this.

I'll engage my users all right - they'll pour hate all over my app and uninstall it for inflicting this crap on their device.
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Now that BlackBerry have given up on Playbook I wish they would have the decency to provide a root key so users can flash it if they want.
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