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This isn't History, this is Ourstory

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Check THIS out! More of what they didn't teach us in school!

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I had the No. 2 Overall pick in this 10-Team NFL-FFL PPR. How did I do?

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Second of several; I'm getting ready!

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Al-Hamdulillaah, worth watching all over again, Insha'Allaj

Latest posting for my highly irregular blog is now available for viewing:

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What (not in Allah's Name) are we doing?     Some thoughts on Our Ummah's Condition...  
 Since the recent bombings in Europe things "appear" to be quiet. We
haven't heard any "this just in - breaking" news of ISIS, the war in
Syria, or mass murders and ...

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This remains the single grestest move in all of basketball- On This Day: Dr. J walked on air  -via ESPN

New Very Irregular Blog Post available for viewing

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Worship of Symbols Garners Punishment Eternal
     Shaitan really got em goin' this time...      Recall that after Allah The Exalted Created Adam (Mankind) and Iblis disobeyed Allah's Command that Iblis bow down to Adam, Iblis (now Shaitan) announced his plan to deceive and misguide mankind from the co...
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