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Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Crucifixion with Old Testament Typology
This is still a work in progress, but I completed the inking stage of my latest work. it's a crucifixion scene which incorporates symbolic Medieval conventions, flanked by 6 scenes from the Old Testament that the Early Church Fathers and Medieval theologian...

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Passion Sunday
I finished this drawing of “The Man of Sorrows” in time for Passion Sunday.  This is one of those rare subjects that is traditionally represented the same way in both Eastern icons and Western paintings/ woodcuts.  It was possibly inspired by the Shroud of ...

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Oktoberfest Labels
It's that time of year again when my dear husband carefully prepares home-brewed beer in our garage in anticipation of the parish Oktoberfest.  I've designed a couple of new labels for the occasion, and he has high hopes for these two new batches: For the f...

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Vestment Design
A while ago I had the great privilege of collaborating with Altarworthy Handmade Vestments to create a design for the back of a priest's chasuble. Here was my original concept: Here is the finished product, modified by Altarworthy and used on a real chasubl...

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New Book Cover: The Catholic Middle Ages
This summer I completed another book cover for Cruachan Hill Press. This one is for "The Catholic Middle Ages: Readings and Questions, A Primary Document Catholic Study Course" by Phillip Campbell.  "In The Catholic Middle Ages , Phillip Campbell uses the p...

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Lindau Gospels Cover c.880 A.D.
While I'm on break from making art, I'll try to post some art history videos.  There are some interesting ones by Smarthistory which has partnered with Khan Academy to offer free art history courses online . This video discusses the metal cover for the Lind...

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Life of St. Columba
One last post before I take a long break.  Here is another book cover I designed for Cruachan Hill Press : " The Life of St Columba As Told by St. Adomnan , edited with an introduction by Phillip Campbell. Famous hagiography of the great Irish St. Columba w...

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Nearly Completed: The Woman Clothed with the Sun
I can't seem to get a non-blurry photograph of this, but I'll post it anyway. Here is my painting of "The Woman Clothed with the Sun" from Revelation chapter 12. Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe!  Once I finish the borders I'll take a better photo o...

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The Second Trumpet
I'm still putting the finishing touches on the first painting which will take a while longer. In the meantime, I have very limited time to work on the next 2 paintings in the series, so I've jumped into the drawing for the second one while I wait for the b...

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All Hallows' Eve Shrine Templates!
Some of my readers have asked me to draw a template for the All Hallow's Eve martyred saint shrines I created last year.  I quickly put this together while the baby was napping.  You'll still need to trace around the outside of your own box since cereal box...
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