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Susan Jeffries
Susan Gay Jeffries blogs at Quite Simply
Susan Gay Jeffries blogs at Quite Simply

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Beef Stew Recipe
I hate this weather, it is not what you think, it is actually beautiful.  I really don't hate it, but it is so deceptive.  Although it looks and feels like it is time to get out and do spring planting and projects, it is not.  We will get cold, okay cold fo...

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Rainy Days
This is the first day in over a week that I haven't had outside the house responsibilities and appointments.  It is a rainy day in the Houston area and the perfect day to hang out in the craft room all day!  After I finish my bible study, I hope to do some ...

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Reading and a Book Review
I have always enjoyed reading, but the last couple of years I haven't read nearly as much.  So one of my goals for the new year is to read more, at least one to two books a month.  But this goal has brought about a personal revelation,  I don't enjoy readin...

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Magnolia Wreath
Like everyone else I love a good magnolia wreath.  I have shopped around for a quite a while, the ones I liked were a little over my budget and let's just say the cheaper ones, well looked cheap. When at Hobby Lobby, I gave their wreath a second look and be...

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DIY Sconses
On my birthday trip to Waco, we came home with lots of treasures.  My friends and I had the car loaded, it was tons of fun and lots of great places to find hidden treasures.  One of the places we stopped was downtown, I don't remember the name now, but it w...

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2017 Resolutions and Such
Wow I have missed being here, we have been busy with holiday stuff and I just needed a time of quiet in between the busyness.  I can't wait to share some projects with you.  The bathroom is 90% finished, I just have trim painting to do, then I hope to revea...

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Has it Been a Month
Oh my word I can't believe it has been a month since I have been here, it wasn't intentional but life happens.  Thankfully it has all been good, so this week I will be catching you up! No the bathroom isn't complete, but closer!  It has been painfully slow,...

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For the Love of Chicken
We eat a lot of chicken, at least once a week.    It is just so easy to throw a breast on the grill and pair it with a salad and dinner is done.  For the sake of variety I have been looking for new ways dress that bird up! When I find a recipe we enjoy I li...

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Making My Week Productive
My week hasn't been very productive, and just to be honest frustrating.  We are in a holding pattern in so many areas right now.  Our bathroom remodel has stalled, it is taking twice as long as I had hoped when we started.  We have hired someone to do the t...

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Five Ways to Prepare for Christmas in October
I know, I get it!  The stores put out Christmas stuff earlier and earlier.  It isn't even Halloween, much less Thanksgiving, I feel the same way, BUT...... if you are the manager of your house you know that Christmas doesn't just happen.  It takes planning,...
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